Thursday, January 17, 2013

 I put on my boots and headed outside yesterday morning as I wanted to take photos before the ice  melted. 
 I took photos all around the house of bushes and trees. The net which is suppose to protect our little pine from the animals, looks like an ice ribbon. 
 See the deer looking at me. Maggie did not even notice them as she was too busy sniffing the yard. 

 The ice was heavy and bent all the trees with greenery over as low as they could go. We had been enjoying little sprigs of Hawthorne bush in our kitchen but the ice put the end to that delight. 

 Ice was clinging to everything in the air but Puppy said down near the grave yard on our street there was not any ice. Well, the ice is still here this morning up on the hill and I cannot see it melting any time soon. 
The Kitty Justice is I did not have to rush outside early yesterday because I could have made the photos today. 


Small City Scenes said...

It is very beautiful but so hard on the trees. It is ICE. We used to have what we called 'Silver Thaw' it was ice rain and it froze over everything. Don't see that anymore. I guess you got it.

I got your email.


Jackie said...

I was reading all over blogland and on Facebook about the snow and lovely "white weather" everyone was getting today. How blessed you all are.
Beautiful! (I love the deer looking at you. This is indeed a slice of paradise where you live.)

Betsy Adams said...

Ice is so dangerous--but makes for some beautiful photos... We were supposed to get from 3-5 inches of snow today--but NOTHING here on the plateau--other than some freezing rain and some sleet....

Lady Di Tn said...

Yes, it is very hard on trees especially old ones. We lost another oak limb but at least it was further down in the front and hit without causing any damage. Glad to hear you got the email. Peace

We were really Blessed with winter wonderland without losing power. There were 5 deer that crossed the driveway but that was the best photo I got of them. Thanks and Peace

On the news I saw it went east of yawl this time. Freezing rain and sleet are not any fun but it does make for some fine photo opts. Peace

Patty said...

Wonder why the graveyard didn't have any ice? It couldn't be all the warm bodies there. LOL Perhaps the head stones were holding heat from the sun shining and prevented the ice from forming? Happy week-end.

Changes in the wind said...

The bottom picture is pretty I think.

Lee said...

My goodness! And it's as hot as Hades, here!