Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Uncle Albert

This photo was taken of Great Uncle Albert in 1896, which is one of many I uncovered in his photo box downstairs. As you can see, I have learned how to scan on the new computer but have yet to master the crop and other things that were second nature on my old computer. 
I have been like a mad kat adding, coping, and placing new images on Ancestry.com. It seems the more you add the more you uncover to complete. Well, that could be just me. I have had more fun playing amateur  Kitty Genealogist than should be allowed. 
The Kitty Justice is for all to have such fun on The King's Burpday. 
BTW I was fortunate to see Elvis three times and it was amazing each time. My girlfriend was the big fan and I could take him or leave him. Well, after seeing him in person the first time,  I went out and bought my first Elvis album (you know those big black plastic disk of old)LOL I guess you could say I was converted immediately. 


Betsy Adams said...

I know how much fun you are having on Ancestry. com.. I have been doing the same thing --but get frustrated at it since it seems so SLOW... Is is slow for you also???? I know they have been letting people use it free lately --so maybe there are just too many trying to get on their servers at the same time... I'm not very patient...

Good Luck.

Small City Scenes said...

I am glad my daughter does the ancestry not me. I would be bald-headed.
Elvis was here in this little corner of the US back in 1962 for the opening of the Seattle Worlds Fair. I may have seen him walking across the grounds. I said 'Don't be Cruel' you old 'Hound Dog'. MB

Jackie said...

I am happy that you are enjoying genealogy so much. What a blessing it is that you are having such fun and doing something that is priceless.

Lady Di Tn said...

I cannot say it is slow here. It may be my new toy or our cable co. Either one I am having fun Peace

I hope he at least nodded your way. As I said I was not a fan until I saw him. Lucky u to have someone who loves family history. Peace

I have a nephew in Al. Who I know will appreciate my efforts. Peace

Lee said...

I'd love to have seen Elvis perform live. In his heyday...he was so handsome! There will only ever be one Elvis...he certainly was unique!

It sounds like you really are enjoying your new computer, Lady Di...it's so easy to become engrossed in something...and then hours have disappeared!!

Take good care. :)