Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Since my blood sugar numbers were up with 1. being sick, 2. taking medicine which runs the numbers up 3. NO EXERCISE, I thought what can I do to help reduce the numbers. 
On one of the blogs I read, the lady had been having pain and someone told her about going "wheat free". She tried it for three weeks and got better then went back to eating the wheat and felt awful again. She suggested reading the book, Wheat Belly,  so since I have had lots of time to read, I ordered them and became a Disciple of No Wheat. 
Prince thinks I am a little off center, but if it will help why not try. So here I am and I have not had any of that bad ole wheat in over 3 weeks. Yep I am feel better. 
The middle book will scare the PEE JESUS out of yawl. Makes me want to return to my roots and grow or raise everything that we on the hill consume. Read it and see what yawl think? 
After reading the middle book, I can understand why there are so many big bellies on folks. No it is not the sedate life style but the opiates in the wheat that makes you want more and more and more. Also, I reflected back to my youth and large people were very rare now it is the norm. 
The Kitty Justice is to blame the ole chap Greed, big companies (Monsanto) and our precious Government. 


Jackie said...

I'm going to get it and read it. Thank you, my friend.

Small City Scenes said...

Wow a must read for me too. And you do feel better? I am so glad you are feeling better. MB

Lee said...

Yep...we should revert back to how we ate and what we ate when we were young.

These days we have no idea what's put into our food. You can spend all day in the supermarket reading the small print through the strongest magnifying glass...but it still makes no sense...not to me, anyway!

DUTA said...

The word 'opiates' is the key word.
I've always suspected wheat to be addictive. So far,I can give up almost anything but not bread. That's a big problem in case one wishes to drop a few pounds.

Lady Di Tn said...

Good for you. Even Rice Krispies have wheat flour in them. Peace

Yes and I feel like I have more energy. Sometimes I look loving at bread or pastry but I plan to make my own soon as I get all the supplies on hand. Peace

The genetic engineering has run amock and created big blobs of us in the name of feeding more people. Ha. Just Ole Greed raising its nasty head. Peace

So true. It is a shame that wheat is no longer really wheat. I plan to make my own whenever I get around to it but the only bread I really miss is our Southern Corn Bread. I could eat a whole pan full all by myself. LOL Peace

Changes in the wind said...

Glad you have found something that is helping you feel better:)

mississippi artist said...

I am going to try this doing without wheat-sounds like good advice. I hate Monsanto-they are buying up all of the seed companies -better start saving vegetable-or you will be eating food with chemicals. I try not to buy produce unless it is from non GMO growers.

Lady Di Tn said...

I think I need to be saving seeds like Mother and Pa use to do for future crops. I slipped yesterday evening and ate a roll that Prince brought in for dinner and I feel sluggish this morning.(Sat). Peace