Saturday, September 21, 2013

Been Busy

 I have been counting Moon Flowers. Almost forty, since the first one appeared on the first of the month. 
 I have been watching the birds especially the Hummers. 
 I have been watching the sun rises and getting out and about in the normal every day world. I even enjoyed my first visit the grocery store as it was a major outing. I have always hated grocery shopping but now after becoming mobile again, well it was a treat. 
 I have done some much needed sewing but not a whole outfit such as  the one I made for Puppy many moons ago.
 I have started painting at least one day a week but this is not the one I just finished. You will have to wait for it to be displayed later.
I have even done some crocheting on a scarf. All the photos on display are old, I just wanted to let yawl know I am enjoying the freedom of less pain. 
Since the medical world will only let you have 3 spinal injections in a six month period, I have postponed the final one because I just might need it worse than I do now. If I took it I would have to wait until  February and I might need it during the coming holidays so I can stay upright.  
My Grandma's OCD has kicked in a few times and I have had classic "Bassie" days. I have rearranged the kitchen so everything I use daily is within reaching distance. Not to low, not to high, just right. Of course, Puppy did all the heavy lifting and bending. 
I have worked on a very exciting Christmas present, I hope to finish for the family. If not this year I will give the gift in 2014. 
I have done the dining room up for the coming two holidays and moved photos around to give the rooms a different look. 
We have had the pleasure of dining out at friends homes for the last two weekends. Last night a party was held by Mrs. Jackson to introduce the new neighbors who bought her long time neighbors home. Mrs Earle was a different person and bless her heart she has gone to that great garden in the sky. I have some of her flowers that she shared with me before her exit. We got to meet her daughter and she has the same pretty blue eyes as Mrs. Earle.  
The Kitty Justice is I might not be on the computer as often the rest of the year but I will pop in when you least expect the kat. Kat will be Katz.


Jackie said...

Soooooo happy to see that you are more mobile. You are wise to hold out on the injection until you need it the most. Smart lady, you are!
The moon flower is so pretty. Hoping that all your days and evenings are filled with pretty things, wonders to behold, and most of all happiness and blessings.
So glad that you are doing better.
Hugs to you,

Small City Scenes said...

It sure sounds like you are somewhat mobile again. Thank Goodness!! You have been very busy also and that is good. I am glad you are still painting. We know you will peek in occasionally---kitty cats are known to do just that.
Take care, MB

Patty said...

Sounds like you are feeling better, all that you are accomplishing. It seems it takes me till around 2 or 3 in the afternoon before I really feel half way decent. It seemed to take me a while to recover from he fall I took on Aug.14th, then I had a D&C on Aug. 30th. Now the allergies and sinuses are really acting up.I'm not so sure that Cymbalta is helping my back, it seemed to at first. Well perhaps it's just old age. I'm glad you are feeling lots better, don't over do things.

Lee said...

Sometimes it's good to keep something up your sleeve, Lady Di; and I guess this is one of those times. If you can get by without another injection for now, that seems, to me, anyway, a sensible decision. As long as you don't go overdoing things...always keep uppermost in your the front of your mind...your back! :)

Don't desert us for too long or too often - you will be missed.

Changes in the wind said...

Just glad you are feeling better and able to do the things you love.

Terri Buster said...

Beautiful painting- you are quite talented! I hope you feel better soon!

Lady Di Tn said...

Yes it is wonderful to move without pain. I am trying not to forget to avoid things that can bring it back. We had only one Moon flower last evening but it was gorgeous. I will show up like a kat when yawl least expect. Peace

Spoken as a true cat lover. It has been a blessing to move around. I plan to do the back exercises religiously to keep me upright. Peace

Wow we are very different. I get up early and can get more done from 5 till noon than I can the whole rest of the day and night. Glad to hear all the reports turned out okay. Did you say RAGWEED? It makes the allergies in this kitty not a pleasant sight. May I suggest some of the exercises that I do. One is really hard, just lay on your stomach for 10-15 minutes and then raise up on your elbows and hold it for one min and repeat as often as you can tolerate. I am not one to lay on my stomach. Peace

I just wish my sleeve was roomer. lol I am pacing myself like a race car with one or two cylinder down. I will show up when you least expect me. Peace

Bless you for the thought. Peace

Welcome to Kitty Justice. Thank you and I am feeling so much better than the summer I had which was Painful. At least now I am up and moving and doing things with thoughts of how wonderful life can be. A new respect for Normal. Peace