Friday, September 06, 2013

First Moonflower

On September 1st the first Moon Flower graced our back porch. Mimi even ventured outside to see our treasure. Since then we have had three more. Only one per night but I think tonight we may have more than one. I planted 2 pots this  year and the one near the stair rail is doing much better than the one that gets full sun until late evening. Unfortunately, the one that I planted so Mimi could watch the progress is the one not doing as well. 
The Kitty Justice is to plant where it will get the morning and mid day sun but not the heat of the afternoon sun. 


Patty said...

Perhaps you can move it later.

Bruises are slowly working down the neck. Body still feels pretty stiff at times from the fall.

My report today was GREAT. No cancer, no precancer, it was only a polyp. Since it was removed when they did the D&C there is nothing further that needs to be done.

So we're all feeling pretty good about that. Have a great week-end.

Jackie said...

It is beautiful.
It looks like satin.

Lee said...

Simplicity and purity at best!

Lady Di Tn said...

GREAT NEWS AND I AM SO HAPPY FOR YAWL. Falling at our age is not a good thing to do but I am happy you are improving. It was a very nice weekend. Thanks and Peace

Thanks and they are just wonderful flowers. Monday night we had 3 big blooms. Peace

Perfect way to describe the Moon Flower. Peace