Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lambs Ear

Lambs Ear is a very satisfactory ground cover. When Puppy was very small he asked a lady if she would give him some when his Mimi took the lady home from the Thrift shop where they had been volunteering and he spied the plant at her home. I really do not know if he liked the plant or the name. But the lady was very kind to my small child and brought him a pot of it the next time she worked at the shop. We have had it out front ever since, which has been a few years. I love to see the dew glisten on it's leaves.  
The Kitty Justice have you felt of a lamb's ear either plant of animal? 


Lee said...

How very pretty that is...and so inviting to touch it's velvet-like leaves.

Changes in the wind said...

No to both and now I am curious:)

Small City Scenes said...

Yes Lamb's Ear is a very good and long living plant. I scrolled through your other posts and saw all you --well some of your houseplants. It is sad to think some will not make it through the winter but ya know, what can you do?.
We have sage, Lavender and Oregano in a large plot out the patio door. We use the Oregano mor than the sage. I dried a bunch of Lavender stems and flowers---very pretty.

Lady Di Tn said...

I think that is what was enticing to Puppy plus the name. Peace

First chance be sure to feel of each. Peace

Well, I relented and pulled all of them inside with Prince's help. Maybe I can find them homes next spring after they have recovered from the inside stay this winter. It is really crowded in the basement from the size of those giant plants. Sounds like you enjoy herbs too. Peace