Saturday, October 19, 2013


I have a large patch of sage with a tiny sprig of rosemary by the lone boxwood on the right side of the garage. I do not cook that much with it but love how it looks. I would put  more out front if it was just me. Puppy told me not to long ago that he also loves how it looks. So I may put some around his little porch out back of the cabin. 
The Kitty Justice is the question "Do you like to eat it or look at it?"
BTW  Do you give sage advise?


Jackie said...

I love to look at it.
I don't have any...but after looking at yours, I want it.
Beautiful....and I love the different colors of green. So pretty....

Lee said...

Brush against it when walking around your garden and the scent should fill the air...that's my sense of sage advice to you! :)

mississippi artist said...

Sage does not do well this far South-it just melts in our humidity. Rosemary does extremely well though. I used sage when I lived in North Ms. and grew it. I only use rosemary for flower arrangements-I have never cultivated a taste for it. Hope you got rid of all your extra flowers-I say I am not adding any every year-but still seem to.

Changes in the wind said...

Have lots of rosemary (like the looks and the smell) but no sage.

Lady Di Tn said...

I think u should put some out but be sure you give it lots of room to spread Peace

Thanks for the sage advise. Peace

Melting sage does not seem a pleasant result. Decorate with rosemary would a really nice smell. The temperatue when down lst night so Prince pull them into the basement under the grow lights for the winter. I really did not have it in me to let them die. Peace

I love the taste of rosemary but Prince does not therefore I limit my use. Peace