Friday, October 18, 2013

Save Me

 Those who follow this blog know that I use to have 150 house plants that I took in during the winter and put outside in the summer. I have less than a third that number now as I have given plants away but now I find myself with pots of the same plants (cannot throw cuttings away, I have to stick them in dirt) or HUGE plants that I cannot manage. This one is an Angel Wing Begonia which Mz Earle was so kind to give me long before she left planet Earth. 
The palms came in a tiny little blue booty vase when Puppy was born. I long ago split it and put it in two square pots with filler plants. I have taken the back pot inside. 
 This is a Orange tree which was less than eight inches tall when I got it and now it is over five feet. I have it on rollers but with my back it is still too difficult to get inside plus I would have to cut it way back in order for it to fit. 
Gran Dot brought this plant which we call "Poor Man's Orchid" to the hill years ago and I just have too many of these to keep this one. 
This is a Lemon Tree and I got it at the same time I got the Orange tree. Until they got too large, I would put them in the Library and the past few years, I would cut them back and roll them into the shop room under a grow light to spend their winter. 
Mimi said her sister Lucy brought this plant to her on one of her trips from California. I never met Lucy as she was sick and passed away right after Prince and I married. I do not know the name of this plant but when we visited San Diego, they had these as trees in the parks. 
I have asked others if they would like them and Puppy will be checking with his friends as most of them could use them to accent a room. I also put them on Facebook wishing to avoid a death sentence for them. 
However, it is too much for me to care for them any longer. 
As Betsy said on her Facebook "a girl has to do what a girl has to do."
The Kitty Justice is it makes me sad to just leave them to the Cold world. 


Jackie said...

You know what I'm going to do with some of my plants that aren't supposed to get cold. I'm going to try it this year instead of bringing them in.
I'm going to put Christmas lights in them. Not the kind that don't give off heat. The kind that DO. I think they will keep them warm...(hoping so, anyway.) And.....they should be pretty all through the holidays (or tacky-looking...!!! )

Changes in the wind said...

They are all so pretty but a lot of care as well. At least you have tried to give them to others.

Lady Di Tn said...

That sounds good for you but we are a tad farther north and I do not think it will work here. Good luck. Peace

Yes I have and Prince and I decided we would just pull them back inside and just crowd up the plants in the shop room. I might put the lemon tree up here in the library and move my big spider plant to the living room. Then I could add lights like Jackie is planning to do. Peace

Lee said...

That last plant (picture) you've posted, Lady Di looks to be a Monstera deliciosa. They're a tropical plant. They make for great potted plants and garden plants too. You've probably too far north there for them to fruit...but they do send out a fruit which is quite delicious. They grow well here in Queensland where I live.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. Like I said they were trees in Balboa Park in San Diego . Peace