Wednesday, November 13, 2013


 It is not fog but snow showers you see from my cozy inside photos of the outside world. 
From midnight until now we have dropped twenty or so degrees and the wind is howling with it's leaves victims blowing in the strong winds.
The Kitty Justice is I will not go outside and play but stay inside and while away the day. Perhaps by a fire. Kats sleep good by a warm fire. 


Small City Scenes said...

Neat date and it will never happen again.
Love your photos too.
We have a spruce tree that every other year is loaded with cone and the birds looking for the seeds make rain for several days and then~~~gone. MB MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Next date is 12-13-14 and then we all will have to wait a long time for another one in order. Your Spruce and our Hickory have different favor of crumbs. LOL Peace

Lee said...

We're experiencing summer storms here at present. With more to come until around Tuesday or Wednesday apparently. Some areas have been receiving much hail. I hope we don't here...and I hope those areas who've received damaging storms suffer no further damages...just the rain as it is needed.

mississippi artist said...

Snow already, I do hope we don't have a terrible winter! I am a flip flop girl myself-I want warm weather!

Lady Di Tn said...

Wow. Hail is a very bad thing. The last big hail storm we had, well, we had to have a new roof. I like rain but do not like the storms that can occur with it. Peace

Well you are far enough south you can probably wear those flip flops year round. My son wears his and shorts most of the winter here along with long sleeves. His Mimi tells him that he is "freezing her to death". I just hope our winter is cold enough to kill off some of the dang bugs. Peace