Saturday, November 09, 2013

Japanese Maple in the fall

The little Japanese Maple has begun to change her wardrobe. Her green leaves are now turning a brilliant red. She is one of those ladies who loves to change her outfits which makes her a wonderful tree to behold. She resides near the horse block, since we do not have anyone mounting horses from the block.  I am visually entertained by her changing outfits from our hallway windows as I stroll back and forth daily.
The Kitty Justice is there are many ways to tell  your tree's gender. Hers is her love to change her wardrobe. 


Small City Scenes said...

I love the Japanese Maple too as you can tell by some of my previous posts.
BTW: I don't know how to link up anything previous. Duh!! MB

Jackie said...

You could post a photo of it every day for me! That would be splendid.
I love this tree...and they are especially beautiful in the higher elevations as their color seems to be brighter!
Thank you so much for posting this photo. I love autumn....

DUTA said...

Your love for plants is obvious; your vast botanical knowledge as well.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. Yes we both have a love for this beautiful tree and seems like we have a lot in common. Case in point linking to previous post. I need some lessons from Puppy. Peace

You are welcome. I made sure to put her where I could see her several times a day. Autumn is the crescendo for the seasons.

Thanks. My grandfather who I called Pa and my Mother gave me this wonderful knowledge. Peace