Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Poo Camera not handy

Photo taken 11-5-13 but this mornings sky would have made this one look very pale. I had gotten up late as my four legged alarm clock was sleeping in. My friend, Pammie Pooh was driving into work and she called to make sure I was enjoying the sunrise. Prince answer the phone and got to hear her uplifting voice. If you ever need a shot of happiness just talk to Pammie. She is one of those people who makes you Happy, Happy, Happy as Phil on Duck Dynasty would say. 
The kitty justice is I need to take my camera with me to the kitchen each morning.

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Lee said...

I should have taken a photo of the sky when I was out on Monday, but it was so angry and I knew bad storm was on its way, rapidly...I did what I had to do and came home as quickly as I could. I just got home in time before the hail came down like bullets. Fortunately, I'd just had time to cover my car well; but many others didn't get that chance and many suffered from hail damage. We're having a couple of days respite from storms, but they are predicted to return on again on Friday and then hang around for the next four days after that.