Saturday, June 28, 2014


First of all, Mr. Moe went to Paw Heaven and left a fur ball missing in my heart. I think he just came home to die. Poor kitty. 
I informed my Garbage man that Moe was no longer with us and he said he had 3 kittens he wished to find a home. He lives at the end of a dead in street and lots of folks drop their unwanted animals, mainly cats near his house. He has a really good heart and cannot see anything go hungry, so he feeds them. We have given him cat food before if our cats turn up the nose at the choice of food. I was giving him Moe's food when he told me about the kittens. I asked what color they were and when he mentioned one was gray stripe I knew that was the one I wanted. I did not ask it's gender because I knew I would have it fixed so it did not matter. 
Just to give you an example of how kind hearted James happen to be, he carries extra bottles of water in his cooler in  his garbage truck just in case he runs across a dog who is outside and needs some water. 
June 19th, James  brought the little critter over to our house. Free cat and free delivery. I held him for a long time and James told us he had not been fed. I shut up the garage and let the little fellow go. He had the nerve to run and hide. Prince was concerned as we needed to get his truck out so he could go to work the next day. When I located the meow in the back of the garage, Prince started his truck and parked outside for the night.  All day Friday, the kitty would come out to eat or drink but if you came out into the garage, he would hide. 
Our garage has more hiding places than a beach has grains of sand. Anyway, Puppy went out and moved everything and finally the last place the kitty hid had no exit. We put him in the half bath off the laundry room. Puppy had read on Google to let them come to you but on Saturday I knew that would never happen, so I picked him up and held him in a towel most of the day. I had wanted to name the kitty Bobbie but Puppy said lets call him Bandit. He does look more like a Bandit than a Bobbie. 
Bandit had his first trip to the vet and he was a boy kitty and he weighed in at two pounds. 
The Kitty Justice is a kitten is so much different than a walk on. Whew, he makes me tried. 


Lee said...

What a little darling.

I'm so sorry about Mr. Moe, Lady Di. It's always so heartbreaking when we lose a beloved pet.

And what a good, kind-hearted person you garbage man is. As are you...little Bandit is lucky to have been adopted by you. And I bet he realises that already. :)

Changes in the wind said...

Perfect name for the little guy...his is really cute and I'm sure he will have a GREAT home.

Small City Scenes said...

He is adorable. So sorry about Mr. Moe. Maybe he did just come home to say good bye. Bandit will be a good kitty for you. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

He is a cutie and very active. I have never had a little kitty before him. I am now trying to figure out how to best clip those sharp claws. Any pointer? Peace

I thought so too. Peace

I hope Bandit lives to a ripe old age on the hill. Having to put a dear pet down is TOO EMOTIONAL. Peace