Friday, June 13, 2014

Japanese Iris

 I had just taken the view photo in the previous post, when I decided to lean over the rail as I stood in the middle of the top porch. My clematis is just about spent but the little Irises are blooming full bore. They are a few weeks later than normal due to our weather. When I arrived on the Hill, there was only a bed about 4 feet in diameter near the Log Cabin. I have slowly put them in different parts of the yard. 
 The above is a closer view of one bed. The ones below are between the house and the cabin in front. 

A closer view of one up front. I also have them in the far corner on the other side out front. The only side I do not have these is near Mimi's room. Recently I put some up the driveway and yes they are blooming this year just not as much. 
The Kitty Justice is the Hill has been invaded by the Japanese (Irises that is)


Lee said...

So very pretty...great contrast in colours. :)

Jackie said...

Those irises are so beautiful.
I don't have any of those planted....and I am envious of yours.
Just gorgeous!

Small City Scenes said...

I love these prolific Irises. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

I love purple hues therefore my yard sports lots of these. Peace

As far south as you happen to be,you would need to put them under a shade tree. Glad you like them. Peace

You sure used the right adjective to describe them. Peace