Friday, June 06, 2014

Not today

No sun rise was visible today as we had a fog bank that would rival old England's. At nine we still can only see to the white barn. The weather wizards said it would take at least four hours for the fog to clear today. Wonder if there will be any sun shine? This is the second day of CMA festival here in Nashville. People from all over the globe come and visit with our country stars. Lots of free concerts and they can stay over and head to Manchester to Bonnaroo.
Thursday morning at one, Maggie came to my side of the bed and whined until I got up. It was lighting so much and raining so hard that it looked very scary at this early hour. Now Maggie has NEVER EVER been upset by the weather. But then again it has never been such a lighting storm on the hill. During the storm I had to sit by her crate on a little stool  as she had hid inside the crate. She came out when the storm had moved away and spent the night under the dining room table. She wanted something over her head. 
Thursday during the day,  it would rain hard then go to a drizzle, then it repeated the same actions over and over. The only time I got out was to take Maggie on her daily walks. 
I had unplugged the computer and did not venture down on my knees until this morning to plug it back up. The rain gauge has about 2& 1/4 inches in it. It was a much needed rain because May was rather dry. 
Earlier in the week I broke in a new doctor. Am I the only one who dreads going to a new doctor? I liked him and breathed a sigh of relief when it was over. Maybe this one will not die or retire on me before my expiration date is up. 
Afterwards I was so happy that he was gonna work and I did not have to go to someone else, I went shoe shopping for the Pope (my best friend) She is one of those tiny persons with a four and half foot who can wear a five but a five and half is too big. Whenever, I find a tiny pair of shoes that she would like, I buy them for her. I have had success at our local Ross store before, so that is where I headed. I found a pair in the size nine section. I have always found shoes for her not in the small size section. Therefore, I knew I would have to slowly go down each isle and maybe go down them twice. Which is what I ended up doing. Then I headed farther down the Nashville West Shopping Center to Designer Shoe Warehouse. I found this great shoe by Kelly and Kate called the Minnie pump. I called her at work and she was not happy with the hill but it was a great deal. I told her to go to their website to check out the shoes.
I ended up picking Puppy up some new Reef flip flops. He goes through a pair a year. But he wears them ALL year no matter the weather. 
The Kitty Justice is I bought my normal two pair of shoes but not for me. Kat Fuzzies.  


Changes in the wind said...

Glad you weathered the storm and had fun shopping...

Jackie said...

Interesting how the weather pattern is in the US. We aren't that far from you, and it has been clear here, but I know that if we wait long enough, that will change.
Glad that you liked your new doctor. I agree with you about changing doctors. Doctors and hair stylists: people that we get used to and don't want to change from...ever.
Hugs to you, my sweet friend.

Small City Scenes said...

What a day and night of terrible weather. We have having such nice summer weather. In the mid 70s is so perfect for me. We don't generally have thunder and lightening storms here just lots and lots of rain---or drizzle but now it is all sunshine. Thank goodness.
I don't care to go to a new doctor either. I am glad this one works for you.
Do you go to any of the CMA events? MB

Lee said...

It be a great week to be in Nashville this week for the Country Music Festival. The brother of a friend of mine is quite a big name producer in Nashville...Mark Moffatt. An Aussie fellow; Mark and his brother Rob grew up in Maryborough, a town just a little north of Gympie, my old hometown. Mark has been living and working in Nashville for many years now.

Poor Maggie. Noisy storms do scare our pets at times. My two furry rascals (cats) head for under my bed when the thunder starts rumbling. When it gets really noisy, Shama, my little girl...screams her head off and it distresses me to hear her cries; and her little body quivers. Remy, her brother, just sits quietly beside her during those times.

Lady Di Tn said...

It was a wild storm and only one dead hickory tree lost the top on the old road to what we refer to as the pony barn. (No ponies now but that is how it started out so the name remains). I do not often get out so I touched, felt and sniff all that was available. Peace

We southern say "If you do not like the weather, stick around and it will quickly change."
Oh you are so right I had forgotten hair stylists. The one I had gone to for YEARS had the nerve to move away and retire, so I have gone to many since then. I have a guy now and he is great. Peace

Storm have NEVER bothered Maggie so I took notice but Prince just slept on. We really needed the rain as we only got a little over an inch the whole month of May. Our green hills and fields were turning brown. I have never gone to CMA as the crowds and lines are beyond me. I just do not like crowds and long lines no matter if it is FREE. Lots of good shows with well known artist are free and I do enjoy the television coverage of the festival.

I do not care for crowds or close spaces and long lines are the pits. I am so happy that others do not mind these and come to see our great festival. I try to shop during the week days so I can avoid week end crowds. I use to go to concert and slowly and silently count when I would get in close situation to survive the ordeal. As I have gotten older I just avoid the situations.
Funny thing, this is the first time Maggie has ever been upset at a storm. With that fact in mind she and I took cover. The others just slept on. If something bad had happen at least Maggie and I would have been around to tell the tale. Peace

Lee said...

I can't stand crowds and queuing, either, Lady Di. I stay well away from them. That's why I do my shopping here here in the quiet area I live on the mountain and never venture down to the Gold Coast or to Brisbane...both bustling, hustling cities. I do my grocery shopping mid-week, and what I can buy up here on the hill, I buy online.

I'm very reclusive these days...and becoming more so.

Lady Di Tn said...

Sounds like we could be birds of a feather. Peace