Friday, August 29, 2014

More Train

 I felt as if I was inside the furnace instead of taking photos of the site. Should have pulled the yellow rope to ring the bell on the train. Have to do that when we go back. 
The Pull man car where I continued to drip down the aisle. Back through the doorway was lots of photos and history about Milky Way Farms that will have to be read in cooler weather. 
 The pull man car was followed by a flat car and the Caboose. You could not go into the Caboose as they are still restoring the car. 
 I would have loved hoping on the back and waving to yawl but alas I was the one taking photos. 
There was lots of old equipment on the platform and Prince was studying the engine or maybe he had thoughts of going back into the Depot where it was cool.
 I took these two photos for him as he wanted one with Number 7 on the side also below the type of train. 
The Kitty Justice is that I know when to go, what to do and get the photo op

Sunday, August 24, 2014

All Aboard

On Friday, Prince and I were on a mission to see what was need to repair a faucet at a place we have in Pulaski , when Prince mentioned "Have you ever been to Lynnville?" My reply was "No I have not and there are lots of places in Tennessee I would like to see."
Thus, our adventure began. First I must mention it was so HOT no cotton picker would have been anywhere but the shade. Therefore, you know why we have to go back. 
Inside the building was cool but that was where it stopped. We ventured inside the train, the pullman car and around the flat bed and caboose. We went over across to streets just like the chicken to see what was on the other side (another post) and by the time we got back to the truck, we looked back and saw where we had created a small (NOT) wet path to where the truck was parked.
Our public television station has a program called "Tennessee Crossroads" and today they were doing a special on trains and this was one of the places they had on the program. Both of us thought it funny since we were just there Friday. 
The Kitty Justice is to go back when the weather is cool. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Six Last night

All day it was clear and HOT, with Rain Forest humidity. Then at six the clouds rolled in. It was raining on the folks in the valley but had not reached the Hill. 
About ten minutes later we got a nice long drink for the dirt. 
The Kitty Justice is this rain came to visit us on the Hill. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

TBT on Wednesday

This is one of the old photos that I have scanned recently and like so many old photos, nothing was written on the back. I do know the lady in the dark dress with the white collar on the left is my father's sister, Hazel Kirby Hackett. The others I have no idea whom they may be. The lady in white, third from the left looks like photos of a cousin I have seen but since I cannot positively identify them, they will forever remain unknown. What a shame. I will eventually add all the recent scan photos to and maybe someone can identify these ladies. 
The Kitty Justice is before you place a photo in an album or box, please be sure to list the place, date and who the people are in the photo. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Clouds before the rain

We on the hill only got 15 mins of rain but it was met with thirsty plants, grass and trees and for just a second the grass got a little color in its blades in the front yard. We are suppose to have a 60 per cent chance this Sunday and I hope the Hill gets some. 
We have watched it rain in all sections around us put alas only an eight of an inch on the Hill. Note the little green spot on the far hillside where the sun is shining. 
The Kitty Justice is we want just a little more rain but not a flood.  

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Let's get in the water

One of our many little Titmouse taking his turn wading and taking a bath. This time of year, I have to fill the bath up in the morning and evening as we have lots of feathered friends enjoying the water. Each breed has a certain time and it is fun to go look to see if they are still on schedule. 
The Kitty Justice is to have water to share with our fellow creatures. 

Friday, August 08, 2014

New plant stands

On our mini date to TSC (Tractor Supply Company) last weekend they had the 3 tier plant stands half price. I proceeded to get two of them and place them on either side of the steps going down to the bottom porch. My plants are too large to use the middle shelf and I tried them and they looked really bunched so I will use 2 shelves to make it look better. 
The Kitty Justice is they dress up the porch. 

Thursday, August 07, 2014

The back porch in August

I was standing in front of the library windows and I took the ferns to my left. I cannot remember how old these are because each fall, I give them a hair cut and put them in the basement for the winter. The next spring I bring them out and give each one a strong pot of black tea. Then I water them generously and they put out new growth. I do water them while they stay in the basement but only once a month . 
The second photo, I just turned to my right and took the porch. I left 2 seed bird feeder out down by the orange geranium and it has created a mess. The flock of birds have knocked seed on the geranium and down on the ground. Unfortunate for me the turkeys have found the excess seeds and destroyed my flower beds below. 
The Kitty Justice is I have plans for another pole at a different spot(not above my flower beds) on the porch.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Yesterday's afternoon

 It looks fairly green but the Hill is in need of rain. I came inside and there were some pop up showers around us but no water for the Hill. 
When Prince cut the grass and used the weeder this pass weekend, well he had a true dust storm whirling around him. The dust covered everything and road the air like it owned the path taken.  Note how dry the front yard happens to be at this time. It is as hard as CONCRETE and if it rains hard, it will just run down the hill before it has time to soak into the ground. 
The Kitty Justice is the west should share some of their rain and they could avoid flash floods. 

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

New bird feeder

 I went to our local Ace Hardware yesterday and found the glass bottle feeder. Each end comes off and you can clean the bottle with ease. Also a little insert came to put in the bottom and it will turn it into a thistle feeder. The decorated suet feeder was a long ago Christmas present and I have yet to find a proper place for it.SOOOOOO 
I bought some NO Melt meal worm suet and thought this will be nice for my little birds out front. As I was headed down the drive this morning to fetch the paper for Maggie, I noticed it had been burglarize, the whole block was GONE and only a few crumbs remained in the bottom. The heavy weighted top is suppose to hold it together but something bumped it and stole the whole block. I have one more place in mind and that is the bottom porch in front of one of the big windows. I will be able to see it as I watch television. Maybe that will be it's happy place of residence.
First of all, the pole is not very sturdy and I do believe it would be hard for small animals but who is the burglar? 
The Kitty Justice is to only guess the burglar identity but I bet it was a large animal or bird that bumped the feeder which upset the top and therefore the food was at eye level. THEN GONE. 

Saturday, August 02, 2014

In the News

This was the headlines in the local paper Tuesday, July 29. I will type the material out but not in Letterman style. Here we go. 

1. TOBY KEITH, $65 million
Keith's entrepreneurial ventures include a recording label, restaurants an endorsement deal with Ford.

2. TAYLOR SWIFT, $64 million
 The bulk of her money comes on the road, but she also pulls in big bucks from Diet Coke, Keds and CoverGirl. 

3. KENNY CHESNEY, $44 million
His shows packed in fans, and he has several ventures, including Blue Chair Bay Rum. 

4. JASON ALDEAN, $37 million
The bulk of his money came on the road, and his latest album sold 1.5 million copies. 

5.  LUKE BRYAN , $34 million
Bryan's "Crash My Party" vaulted him into the Top 5 for the first time ever. 

6. ZAC BROWN BAND,  $29 million
The band had a big year on the road in support of the "Uncaged" album. 

7.  KEITH URBAN, 28 million
In addition to touring and albums, Urban had a multimillion-dollar deal to host "American Idol".

8.RASCAL FLATTS, $27 million
The band scored another big hit with "Rewind."

9. GEORGE STRAIT, $26 million
His swan song tour helped put Strait back on the top earners list.

10. FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE, $ 24 million
Their debut album helped launch the band into the Top 10, and with a new album debuting this fall, they may stay awhile. 

After reading the list, I find my smooth voice favorite who could make Southern Comfort seem harsh compared to his golden pipes. He may be number 9 in earnings but he will always be number one with me. Looking at the names I would consider old number nine the only true country singer. Most of the others have crossed over into other forms of music. 
As for Toby, he is very country in mind and attitude and he never shy when he voices his opinion and I really believe he does not care if you like what he has to say. You go Toby. You know where you stand with him.  
Now Tennessee has to claim number two as she grew up right here in Nashville and has never forgotten her home town. She was the first country artist to give 5 million (number amount might be wrong) to Nashville to help with the 2010 flood. She is very genuine.  Number 3 is a good ole boy from East Tennessee and he can correct me but a big Orange Fan. His support of my favorite college put him on my heart strings. As for the bands, I like number six best. Besides not only sounding good, he is the only one who wears a knitted hat. Gotta love a guy who wears a hat of any kind. 
Number 7 lives with his beautiful wife Nicole here and has been seen often at the Cheesecake Factory. Comes from Australia and I could listen to him talk all day and night. 
The Kitty Justice is old number nine cowboy I liked when he rode in and now that he has ridden out, well I can still play his songs to my hearts content. 

Friday, August 01, 2014


Saturday I requested that Prince move the rocks I had bought (with all the rocks we have on the hill this will be quite funny to some) over near the place I wish to put them. He started putting the rocks in place and I began to help as he was not checking to see if the rocks would touch. I am a little bit picky. There is a grate in which the water runs off into in the concrete at the bottom of the photo . I have 3 raised flower beds on the side of the drainage path. The water goes into the drain and then out in pipes under the ground and then it goes all the way to the rock wall between the brick house and the log cabin. The drain is located at the corner of the L shape of the house out front. I thought the river rock would dress the path up and make it easier to clean out when the leaves fall. It was miserably hot last Saturday. It was a two shower day. 
The Kitty Justice is that I was really, really, really glisten as we Southern women are bound to do on a hot day in July.