Tuesday, August 05, 2014

New bird feeder

 I went to our local Ace Hardware yesterday and found the glass bottle feeder. Each end comes off and you can clean the bottle with ease. Also a little insert came to put in the bottom and it will turn it into a thistle feeder. The decorated suet feeder was a long ago Christmas present and I have yet to find a proper place for it.SOOOOOO 
I bought some NO Melt meal worm suet and thought this will be nice for my little birds out front. As I was headed down the drive this morning to fetch the paper for Maggie, I noticed it had been burglarize, the whole block was GONE and only a few crumbs remained in the bottom. The heavy weighted top is suppose to hold it together but something bumped it and stole the whole block. I have one more place in mind and that is the bottom porch in front of one of the big windows. I will be able to see it as I watch television. Maybe that will be it's happy place of residence.
First of all, the pole is not very sturdy and I do believe it would be hard for small animals but who is the burglar? 
The Kitty Justice is to only guess the burglar identity but I bet it was a large animal or bird that bumped the feeder which upset the top and therefore the food was at eye level. THEN GONE. 


Changes in the wind said...

It doesn't seem reasonable that an animal made that heavy metal pop open...maybe a squirrel could pry it open..a mystery for sure.

Small City Scenes said...

We have Stellar Jays that are a large bird and steal all the suet they can get their beaks on. I don't know who or what could get it open though. Put it where you can keep an eye on it I suppose. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

I have seen the turkeys hit the poles on the feeder next door to rain down bird seed so they can use it. A raccoon could have held up his sibling and gotten into the suet.

Well that is a good idea but I think I will just hang it on the bottom back porch. Peace