Friday, August 01, 2014


Saturday I requested that Prince move the rocks I had bought (with all the rocks we have on the hill this will be quite funny to some) over near the place I wish to put them. He started putting the rocks in place and I began to help as he was not checking to see if the rocks would touch. I am a little bit picky. There is a grate in which the water runs off into in the concrete at the bottom of the photo . I have 3 raised flower beds on the side of the drainage path. The water goes into the drain and then out in pipes under the ground and then it goes all the way to the rock wall between the brick house and the log cabin. The drain is located at the corner of the L shape of the house out front. I thought the river rock would dress the path up and make it easier to clean out when the leaves fall. It was miserably hot last Saturday. It was a two shower day. 
The Kitty Justice is that I was really, really, really glisten as we Southern women are bound to do on a hot day in July. 


Changes in the wind said...

You need to do more delegating and less sweating:)

Lee said...

A rock was never safe when my mother-in-law was around, neither was my father-in-law if he was within hearing was always his job to move them...from place to place and sometimes back to the original place! Your post reminded me of them, Lady Di! :)

Jackie said...

This is beautiful....
What a great idea!!

Lady Di Tn said...

I agree but I cannot stand something to be done when I can do it better. I just wish I had gotten to take my time as it was my want. Peace

I hope it was a good memory, sometimes in laws memories turn the wrong way. I love rocks and I pick up one from all my visit to different places. My rock collection. Then I use a magic marker to put the place and date on the rock. Whenever, I check my rock collections, and hold one of them I am transferred back to the time and place it comes from. Silly but that is me. Peace

Glad you like the idea so you can try it if you wish. Peace