Monday, June 30, 2014

TPLO Surgery

On June 17 Maggie had TPLO surgery on her left back knee. Not one but two were torn in that knee when the surgeon got it open. We thought it was just the ACL. What they do now, they reposition the knee with an implant. When we went to pick her up Wednesday evening, we were told that two ligaments were torn instead of one. It took Puppy and a Tech to load her in the Tahoe. Luckily Prince got home about the same time we did and he and Puppy got her out of the truck. The first night we put the cone of shame on her and let her stay in our room. She ran that cone into every piece of furniture and moaned and groaned all night, I then made the decision that we would not stress her out any more than necessary. Thus, during the day she laid in this corner of the kitchen and someone stayed on the brown lounge chair and made sure she did not lick the area and get it infected. Around ten each night I would put her cone of shame on and she would spend the night in the laundry room. Her movement has to be confined for three months. 
The first three days after surgery, we applied ice 3 times a day to the area and she has 2 sets of medicine to be given at different times. After the ice came heat (see the blue item on the stool) for 3 days and we did that at least 2 times a day. 
Maggie would let us hold the ice and heat on her for the time needed without giving us any grief. When she started to lick, all we had to say was NO Maggie and she would stop. Today we will have her stitches out and hopefully they will stop one of the medicines. Then we might get to start walking her for 5 minutes at different times. 
Bandit has not bothered Maggie as I think she realizes that the big black dog is healing. At least that is what I hope. 
The Kitty Justice is that Maggie is the BEST PATIENT on the hill. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Heavenly sky

I took this photo on the 23rd to send to our cousin who was born that day. Her family use to live right next door in the rock house when she was born. 
She and Puppy would play together as they were the only children on the hill. One day she was driving his little battery powered jeep and she drove it up on the basketball court, parked got out and yelled to Puppy "Honey, I'm home." 
The kitty justice is that imagine is one of those very precious moments in time. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014


First of all, Mr. Moe went to Paw Heaven and left a fur ball missing in my heart. I think he just came home to die. Poor kitty. 
I informed my Garbage man that Moe was no longer with us and he said he had 3 kittens he wished to find a home. He lives at the end of a dead in street and lots of folks drop their unwanted animals, mainly cats near his house. He has a really good heart and cannot see anything go hungry, so he feeds them. We have given him cat food before if our cats turn up the nose at the choice of food. I was giving him Moe's food when he told me about the kittens. I asked what color they were and when he mentioned one was gray stripe I knew that was the one I wanted. I did not ask it's gender because I knew I would have it fixed so it did not matter. 
Just to give you an example of how kind hearted James happen to be, he carries extra bottles of water in his cooler in  his garbage truck just in case he runs across a dog who is outside and needs some water. 
June 19th, James  brought the little critter over to our house. Free cat and free delivery. I held him for a long time and James told us he had not been fed. I shut up the garage and let the little fellow go. He had the nerve to run and hide. Prince was concerned as we needed to get his truck out so he could go to work the next day. When I located the meow in the back of the garage, Prince started his truck and parked outside for the night.  All day Friday, the kitty would come out to eat or drink but if you came out into the garage, he would hide. 
Our garage has more hiding places than a beach has grains of sand. Anyway, Puppy went out and moved everything and finally the last place the kitty hid had no exit. We put him in the half bath off the laundry room. Puppy had read on Google to let them come to you but on Saturday I knew that would never happen, so I picked him up and held him in a towel most of the day. I had wanted to name the kitty Bobbie but Puppy said lets call him Bandit. He does look more like a Bandit than a Bobbie. 
Bandit had his first trip to the vet and he was a boy kitty and he weighed in at two pounds. 
The Kitty Justice is a kitten is so much different than a walk on. Whew, he makes me tried. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A few flowers

The flowers at Cheekwood are still in the growing stage so I took very few photos of just flowers. The elephant ears were a light lime green and I sure would like to have a few of these to lighten up the hill. Also, I just love this tree and again I would like to find one to plant up here on the hill. 
The Kitty Justice is the next post will not be about Cheekwood. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Butterfly experience

This inviting wooden play sculpture indicates the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly in total abstraction. Children were running through the caterpillar and then would climb on the pink floating wings and slide down the spine. I did not get very close as the little yard apes were everywhere. 
Another wooden play sculpture was a bee hive located on the other side of the reflection ponds. I think it would have looked more realistic if it had been varnished on the outside so it would look like a honeycomb. I did not take a photo as I was disappointed in the appearance but the children -tons of them - were having a ball pretending to be bees and climbing all over the structure. 
The Kitty Justice is I would have been standing and watching like others if Puppy was 12 and under.
BTW I thought these were great for the younger crowd or as I like to refer to them Yard Apes.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


The web is heavy at seventy five pounds and it happens to be twelve feet in diameter. It is made from willow on armature. The spider weighs sixty pounds and is three feet in length and 4 feet wide. The wood for the spider is carved eastern red cedar. 
A spider is just another bug to me but some of you may be very afraid of these creepy crawlers. As long as they are outside, I will leave them alone but if they crawl into  my domain and You will be a very dead bug. I have glue traps set out to catch any creepy crawler and if you escape and waltz across my floor I will be the last thing they see. Swat. 
Now that is real Kitty Justice. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Damselfly and Thatch roof house.

 Almost to the bottom of the hill is the Howe Garden. We were standing on the wooden bridge when I took these photos. She only weighed 100 pounds and was a mere ten feet long and ten feet tall. Her girth was three feet. I do believe she was too far away for folks to enjoy her very much. Please note the Japanese Iris behind the rocks. 
 Her body was carved red ceder and Wings were willow on armature, the perch was black locust. 
 Just over the bridge a little path leads you to a thatched roof house. I took these two photos as were heading away from the house and up the hill to see something that some people may have nightmares about. 
The Kitty Justice is we are just about through with the bugs. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Assassin Bug

This was my favorite bug. The wood was just gorgeous and antennas were beautiful. His body and legs were carved black walnut and his eyes and sword were carved red cedar. He stood only three and half feet and weighed 150 pounds. He was seven feet long and twelve feet wide. His prey do not have a chance. He injects them with a paralysing fluid  and then he uses his sword to suck out the insides of his victims. I have never heard of or seen this type of bug before so I was fascinated with all the info. 
The Kitty Justice is I have seen some Emotional Assassin Humans who will suck the LIFE out of you. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014


We crossed the parking lot in front of the mansion and saw the first one in a shady grassy area. The other two were in a grassy lot and they were in line following the leader (top ant). Each of these weighed 725 and stood ten feet tall. Their bodies were seven feet long and twelve feet wide. The eyes were carved red cedar and the bodies were bent willow on armature. 
The Kitty Justice is they would carry off the table with the entire picnic with  them instead of crumbs. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


 After we walked under the belly of Daddy Longlegs, the photo above was taken looking left down the hill. At the far right where the trees are located stood the picnic tables. That was the location of the birthday party. I turned right and up the hill (photo below) you could see the sapling houses. 

 At the upper reflecting pond stood the Dragonfly. His seventeen foot body was made from eastern red cedar. With a wing span of seventeen feet made of willow, she weighed a total of 175 pounds. 
I have always loved Dragonfly jewelry and have them in many colors and metals. 
The Kitty Justice is this Dragonfly would have to wear me instead of me wearing her. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Daddy Longlegs

 After we had seen the Ladybug as she was located on the left front of the arbor which leads to this beautiful display. We hung a right and headed downhill. 
 A birthday party had just finished near the ponds and that is why the children have balloons. They thought nothing of walking under Mr. Daddy Longlegs. He stood ten feet tall over the sidewalk. For his legs to be so skinny, he weighed six hundred pounds. He was like the Ladybug and was as wide as he was long, seventeen feet each. He was constructed from Red Cedar and Willow. 
I was standing underneath looking up at him. According to Puppy these are in the Spider family and very poisons. They are unable to bite humans because their mouth is too small. Where he learned this I do not know but I do know he loves to watch the Nature Channel. 
I have often caught them by a leg and tossed them overboard or away from my area of residence. 
The Kitty Justice is I am glad they do not bite. 

Monday, June 16, 2014


The second bug we encountered was a three foot tall Ladybug. She was a wide as she was long, seven feet each. Her body was made from bent willow and her spots, legs and head from black walnut. She topped the scales at 150 pounds. 
The kitty justice is she can eat a whole garden worth of aphids and still be hungry. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Praying Mantis

Saturday, Prince and I went to see David Roger's Big Bugs at Cheekwood. They will be on display until August 31st. This guy weighs 1,200 pounds and is and it is 18 feet long and 20 feet wide. It is made from black locust. It was the only one that the height was not given. But you could put two of me at 5' 3 " each under the front end and have more room. In the background the little houses titled "Little Bitty Pretty One" by Patrick Dougherty. He combines his carpentry skills with his love of nature and creates giant , tangled works made entirely from tree saplings. Cheekwood has extended the Friday nights hours to ten through October. I want to go back and see the bugs under the lights. 
The Kitty Justice is that this bug is made from wood and not real. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Japanese Iris

 I had just taken the view photo in the previous post, when I decided to lean over the rail as I stood in the middle of the top porch. My clematis is just about spent but the little Irises are blooming full bore. They are a few weeks later than normal due to our weather. When I arrived on the Hill, there was only a bed about 4 feet in diameter near the Log Cabin. I have slowly put them in different parts of the yard. 
 The above is a closer view of one bed. The ones below are between the house and the cabin in front. 

A closer view of one up front. I also have them in the far corner on the other side out front. The only side I do not have these is near Mimi's room. Recently I put some up the driveway and yes they are blooming this year just not as much. 
The Kitty Justice is the Hill has been invaded by the Japanese (Irises that is)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

May to June

I took this photo with my long lens on May 26. I was using this lens to try and capture a few birds but then gave up.
At this time, only a path had been cut to the barn and pond . 

Today when the sun was out, I took this photo showing where Prince had cut the top of the  pasture and also cut the path. Tennessee was beginning to be dry and start to brown up when it began to rain. Seems like we are living in a rain forest now as it will get hot during the day and then storm that evening. Some western counties have gotten too much such as 10 to 6 inches at once. This caused flooding . Two people were killed as they tried to cross a flooded road. One was a gentleman about my age and the other a little 6 year old boy. The man and the Mother of the little boy were going to the store. Very sad. I do not understand WHY A PERSON CANNOT WAIT UNTIL IT IS SAFE TO GO PLACES?
Over and over the weather wizards tell you not to drive into a flooded road because just 12 inches of water can float a car.  
Over and over we are told NOT TO LEAVE CHILDREN ALONE IN A CAR. But our news told of a Mother of two, one only a week old doing this yesterday. 
Over and over we are also told not to leave a dog in a hot car. 
But it seems some people do not hear the warnings OR--------
With the stormy weather, I have had the computer unplugged so it will not become a victim of the storm. I have been trolling on my I Pad. 
The kitty justice is I have had plenty of time to sing in the rain, others have just gotten WET. LOL

Friday, June 06, 2014

Not today

No sun rise was visible today as we had a fog bank that would rival old England's. At nine we still can only see to the white barn. The weather wizards said it would take at least four hours for the fog to clear today. Wonder if there will be any sun shine? This is the second day of CMA festival here in Nashville. People from all over the globe come and visit with our country stars. Lots of free concerts and they can stay over and head to Manchester to Bonnaroo.
Thursday morning at one, Maggie came to my side of the bed and whined until I got up. It was lighting so much and raining so hard that it looked very scary at this early hour. Now Maggie has NEVER EVER been upset by the weather. But then again it has never been such a lighting storm on the hill. During the storm I had to sit by her crate on a little stool  as she had hid inside the crate. She came out when the storm had moved away and spent the night under the dining room table. She wanted something over her head. 
Thursday during the day,  it would rain hard then go to a drizzle, then it repeated the same actions over and over. The only time I got out was to take Maggie on her daily walks. 
I had unplugged the computer and did not venture down on my knees until this morning to plug it back up. The rain gauge has about 2& 1/4 inches in it. It was a much needed rain because May was rather dry. 
Earlier in the week I broke in a new doctor. Am I the only one who dreads going to a new doctor? I liked him and breathed a sigh of relief when it was over. Maybe this one will not die or retire on me before my expiration date is up. 
Afterwards I was so happy that he was gonna work and I did not have to go to someone else, I went shoe shopping for the Pope (my best friend) She is one of those tiny persons with a four and half foot who can wear a five but a five and half is too big. Whenever, I find a tiny pair of shoes that she would like, I buy them for her. I have had success at our local Ross store before, so that is where I headed. I found a pair in the size nine section. I have always found shoes for her not in the small size section. Therefore, I knew I would have to slowly go down each isle and maybe go down them twice. Which is what I ended up doing. Then I headed farther down the Nashville West Shopping Center to Designer Shoe Warehouse. I found this great shoe by Kelly and Kate called the Minnie pump. I called her at work and she was not happy with the hill but it was a great deal. I told her to go to their website to check out the shoes.
I ended up picking Puppy up some new Reef flip flops. He goes through a pair a year. But he wears them ALL year no matter the weather. 
The Kitty Justice is I bought my normal two pair of shoes but not for me. Kat Fuzzies.