Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cedar Wax Wings

 They arrived Sunday the 11th of this month . Underneath they have a yellow color so when you look up in the big trees from which we call staging areas, it looks like a yellow bouquet. Some times they arrive before Christmas and eat all the berries before we can use the Holly to decorate with for Christmas and then again they have been as late as just before spring. I thought they had gone yesterday but alas they had gone out front to relieve that large Holly of it's berries. They were still here this morning when I took Maggie out for her routine business.

 A flock of 20 or 30 birds will leave the staging area and circle either right or left and then fly into the top of a Holly tree.  It is fun to watch as they eat a few berries from the top and then drop down to the middle and again eating only a few berries. After eating a few berries at the bottom they fly off to the staging area and a different  20 or 30 birds will follow the same routine. It is a true feeding frenzy and so sporadic in movement it is hard to get a photo. Any loose berry will be knocked to the ground or our porch. We wait until they have exited our part of the world before we clean off the porch. 
Their black mask remind me of the Lone Ranger (oops dated myself) or just a regular ole Bandit.. They are very skittest so I took all the photos from inside the house. 

Prince likes to call them racer because of the yellow racing stripe across their tails. Plus I guess the red on the wings could be sponsorship sticker. We have four large Holly trees in the back and one large one in the front. 
They will leave our trees bare of berries and race often to the next picnic area. 
The Kitty Justice is they should be named Bandit Racer and not Cedar Wax Wings. I do not see any cedar or wax on their pretty wings. 


Lee said...

My ex arrived on the 11th January,too' and he arrived up here to my place on the 11th for us to celebrate his birthday, as well...and that we did!

Beautiful little birds. I love native birds and have many that hang around this property and my cabin.

Changes in the wind said...

Nice you have those berries for them and then remember where you are:)

Adullamite said...

Very difficult to picture birds in trees eating. They keep moving and don;t follow orders. You did well.

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad to hear another January baby had a great celebration. Birds are so very interesting. Peace

I really believe birds have a habitual clock and once set they never forget. Peace

Thanks and I took lots of photos that I had to just delete. Nice that cameras and computers have that feature. I really like the one with the berry in its beak. Peace

La Petite Gallery said...

I love your dog, Maggie. Well I have waited for one of those Cedar Waxings.
I fedd the babies all the time and Have never had that luck.
Blue birds, nut hatchers, chickadees
and that red headed woodpecker.
The spring I see yellow fench and humming birds. Never a red bird , very boring.
Enjoy those beautiful birds. yvonne
snowed in tonight.

Lady Di Tn said...

Snowed in does not sound fun. Unless you have popcorn a fire and old movies. We do have lots of birds here in Tn and I do try to feed the ones who will come and entertain me. I think watching them is very relaxing. As for Maggie she really does not know she is a d o g as we treat her like she is Puppy's little sister. Peace