Sunday, January 11, 2015

So far

Photo was taken on the sixth of this month. Today is rainy and cloudy day but it is not below freezing. Something to be thankful for today.

So far, this year we lost a very dear friend, Mr. Jim, on the fourth. He was another one of those bigger than life personalities with a million dollar grin to go with it. He was only seventy two (looks younger the closer I get) but he had lived a full lifetime in those short years.One day as he and I sat outside the cabin at the lake, he told me he would never spend money on jewelry to put on his hand because that money could be used for a trip to make memories. We got to travel with him and his wife to Alaska and Hawaii and those were very memorable trips for us. Thank you Mr. Jim for the wonderful memories.

On the seven during the very cold weather the heat pump on the bedroom end on the house, gave up its coils. Actually the cheap wiring used and a heat pump not large enough to heat the area were the main culprit and put in by a company my MIL had used for years but she had dealt with the father mainly and not the son. Needless to say he nor his company are a household name around here anymore. . Donelson Air to the rescue. We now have the proper wiring and a larger heat pump and we are comfortably warm. They have some tweeting to do when the outside temps are above freezing but I am sure it will not be long. Thankful that we could put in a heat pump and it was done quickly and efficiently.

Right after that, we learn our wonderful neighbors have put their home on the market. They have lived there fourteen years and it makes us all sick at heart to know they will not be sharing this hill with us. If you ever look in the dictionary under GOOD NEIGHBORS, you will find their photos. Maybe the Good Lord will smile on them so they can keep the home. We are thankful for the time we have had with them.

Next little brother called and wished me a Happy Birthday on Elvis's birthday. Thank you very much but one dozen is not here yet. That is how Prince remembers my birthday "one dozen"(1-12). It was nice to hear from little brother since we had not been in contact for several months. I said the wrong thing and it took him a while to get over it. Actually, it was the truth and it is true TRUTH HURTS. I am thankful we can now continue a relationship with one another.

Now I know Medicare is mandatory but why in the H-E-L-L do you have to receive so much MAIL from everyone to sign up with them or order items that you are not ready for and hopefully never will be. If everyone has received as much mail as I THEN I KNOW   why the forest is being depleted. I think all these so called companies plus the government should have to plant at least one tree for every sheet of mail sent because some of the envelopes had books inside. .

THE KITTY JUSTICE IS I KNOW VERY WELL THAT I WILL BE TURNING 65 AND I DO NOT NEED SO MANY DAMN REMINDER. I am thankful for each day but wish others would get on with theirs and leave me alone.


Lady Di Tn said...

Birthday wishes are welcomed not age reminder. Peace

Lee said...

Happy Birthday, Lady Di. My ex's birthday was on Sunday, 11th...and he came for a visit so we shared his birthday and celebrated it well. He ventured back to his neck of the woods (about 30 mins drive away) the following day.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks it has been a grand day. Prince is bringing dinner home. Sat by the fire and watched movies with Puppy and Puppy has gone to the grocery store for me. We have had fog and rain all day so it was a nice day to hibernate. Happy Belated to your ex. Peace

Changes in the wind said...

Happy 65th birthday! We just don't know what the new year will bring and how our lives will change but we know there will be changes and can only hope we will be able to roll with them.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and I will bow to your wisdom. Pray for the best and hope for the least upsetting. Thanks again and Peace