Thursday, September 01, 2016


 Once upon a time there was a whole area with rock towers but we could only find one and it was a Church. I wish whoever does these would do more. 
 During the time of our youth, the hills around the lake were natural with only a few cabins or homes visible but now there are crowded areas along the shores. This one is near Hidden Harbor Marina.  The photo below is closer view.

 This is the area where our little cabin built in the sixties happen to reside. On the far bottom right of the  photo is a concrete house that the Carlen's built and next to it in the woods is Mz Marshall's rock house she built (NOW A RENTAL ) There was a covenant when Mz Marshall was alive that NO RENTAL HOMES WOULD EXIST ON HURRICANE LANE. She owned and ran Hurricane Dock and she did not charge for boats to launch from the boat ramp nor did she sell beer. Our little cabin is next door to her house. Hurricane Lane like most of the roads around the lake dead end. Check out that monster on top of the hill. We were told a married dentist couple built it. (too much house for me) One night as we came off the lake it was lit up like a Giant Shopping Mall. In other words EVERY light was on.  
 I took this photo with the house boat so you could get some perspective of the distance and realize how big the houses are on top. 
This is one of the houses you could see from our trip around Davies Island. Eagles have been spotted at the Island but alas we did not see any. Later in the week we took a tour of the road these houses are on and you would not want to meet anyone on it as it is extremely narrow and after the first mile it goes up and down again and again and with one hare pin curve. Made us appreciate the quality of Hurricane Lane. (Even though it has a few holes and needs resurfacing. 

Our beautiful lake has been found by developer as there is a condo development right on the right as you turn off to go to the dock. It blocks the first view of the lake we use to enjoy . It was with joy we would turn and say, "I see the lake" now all you see are condos hanging off the road. As for me I could not sleep in one of them because there is nothing but AIR and a few poles to keep you right side up. 

The Kitty Justice is not only has Nashville  been found by MORE PEOPLE but Center Hill Lake has also been FOUND.  Not happy with SO CALL PROGRESS!!!!!!!!!

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