Sunday, September 04, 2016

Take me Back

 A close up of Hurricane Dock . It has moved out into the channel and a major upgrade occurred after the new owners acquired the place. Mz Marshall could keep things going with baling wire as Prince is heard saying however I think the new one owners use other means. 
The website said the Blue Water Grill was open until 8:30 so we rushed down to the dock(It is a VERY LONG WALK FROM THE PARKING LOT) to eat one night and you guess it,  the closing time was 8. April was kind and fixed us a bacon and tomato sandwich with chips and then for dessert we shared a slice of cheese cake. We sat outside and it was like we had a private spot on the lake to eat. Our waitress, April was very kind to do this for us . It brought back our moon light first meal to our trip to Hawaii. Same deal, the place was closing and the waitress made us a Mai Mai sandwich. 

We had to go as far across the lake as possible to get the whole dock in the photo due to the fact I had my close up lens on the camera in hopes of getting a photo of the reported eagles seen on Davies Island. 
We turned left out of the dock and went under the Hurricane Bridge on Highway 56 heading up the lake to Davies Island. 

You can see the rain in the background. We had made our trip around the Island and were heading back when we saw the thunder head cloud. We chose to sit by a rock bluff and watch it go up the lake over the bridge and it was heading up Interstate 40 on it's way to Cookeville. We did not suffer any rain drops on us but we also did not see any eagles. We will just have to go back but not this weekend because Prince is on call for the hospitals and he has a date with the bush hog. 
The Kitty Justice is the lake is great even when it rains.  


La Petite Gallery said...

I agree we Pay them too much.
Even the ones that work for the states are Thieves.
Why don't we give them Lie detector tests.
Sounds like a good trip.

Changes in the wind said...

Nice outing even if you didn't see the eagles:)

Lee said...

April, it appears, is kind whether it is a person or the month! :)

Your bacon and tomato sandwiches with chips sound delicious!

Small City Scenes said...

What a neat trip. A very cool restaurant too. How nice the waitress was. People are good. You WILL see Eagles----someday.

Lady Di Tn said...

You dear are absolutely correct. Knowing how they work they would pay the person who gives the test money under the table to pass them. It was a wonderful trip. Peace

Yep it was so we need to go back.Peace

I think you are correct and it is wonderful to come across such nice people. Peace

It was a travel back into time and as long as we avoided mirrors we felt like kids again. We gotta go back and try again. Any excuses will do. Peace