Sunday, December 04, 2016

Oh What A Month

Photos taken the first day of December. We have more sky now but there are a few straggler leaves in the tree tops. Prince has used most of his spare time trying to clear the roof tops and around the houses since it has been so dry. But alas the Angels cried and a few heavenly tears soaked into the ground. I truly wish they would shed more tears on our dear Smokies in East side of our dear state. 
Physical Therapy has taken up most of my month and my upper back feels better and I do have a better range of motion but the pain in the lower back gets better then worse again and it seems to occur after PT. I was feeling almost human Friday and felt really good about the ordeal but then afterward the pain started building and today it is worse than it was a week ago. In my mind I hear Doctor Daniel Burris's words after my last back surgery. He said "I could send you to PT but I know I will see you back here as they get too aggressive" Also he said "If it hurts, don't do it." I think I need to adhere to his words. 
Then Thanksgiving rolled in and the family with dogs arrived. I usually cook everything but not this year. The other ladies of the family added to our feast.  
Prince was my right hand and back on Thanksgiving Day and my SIL was my prep chef for me to stir up the dressing the day before. 
At this point I am at nt saturation point with FOOTBALL and truly I look forward to the LAST game. The season is far toooooooo  long for my liking and should be over and done with by December and not head into the new year. But then again I think all sports are too long and should never overlap one another. Just the Kitty Justice in me. 
I have been unable to travel the distance to see my sister and I really need a SISTER FIX.
Maybe one day when Prince is off he will drive me up to see her. Of course he still has lots and lots of leaves to get down the hill and alas we have a desperate need to cut fire wood. 
As for me I take it one day at a time. My MIL will get her wish this year and I will not put out as much Christmas decorations. If I put it out,  yours truly has to put it away all by myself. I have put a few dribbles out so far but if it was gas it could not run a piss ant's motorcycle around a bee bee.  I will continue to take one or two things out daily but they will just have to rest in a stack afterward in order for me to take my time putting them away. 
I have been preparing to do my Christmas tree in blue lights and blue ornaments to honor our Policemen. No,  I do not know any personally but have great respect for them and what they had been put through the last year.  Once up I will post a photo. 
On another subject, Prince just sighted a flock of Cedar Waxwings, therefore the holly berries will become history in a weeks time. They must send out a scout to check the trees for berries. Next time I must trap him and hold him prisoner until I have enjoyed the color of the berries. 
Also on another left field note, I hate to turn on the TV these days because of the sore loser of the election. Get over it and pick a better candidate next time. If I could pick a song that everyone had to listen to daily it would be Tim McGraw's " Humble and Kind". If we could all practiced what that song says we would be a better America. 
The Kitty Justice is to enjoy every pain free moment you can as you do not know if it is your last. Spoken with profound knowledge. 


DUTA said...

Do you have to loose any weight? If the answer is yes, start working on it. Weight loss is the solution to back pain. It's more efficient than surgery ,PT, and drugs. It's not easy, but it doesn't have to be drastic - only about 4 pounds a month. I did that during the summer months, and now , entering winter is a much easier task than before. Walking and cycling are also beneficial. In fact, anything that does not require you to depend on others is beneficial.
Feel better soon!

Changes in the wind said...

Sorry about your back. You are so right, you don't know how wonderful it is not to have pain somewhere. I think your tree decoration is a wonderful idea, I would never have thought of it. Since you have to cut down on your Christmas decorations just be sure and pick the ones that make you smile:)

Lee said...

I agree with you re the sore losers over the election result. I am so over them!!! I wish they'd get over themselves!!

Sorry to hear you're still suffering pain, Miss Kitty. (Good excuse to get out of catering for Thanksgiving, though. Just don't use it again next year or the family with cotton on)! :)

I hope those terrible fires are been doused by now. Devastating, terrifying and so sad. We suffer similar here during summer. We're having a bit of a heatwave at present...with a few noisy storms thrown in to stir things up.

Take care. :)

La Petite Gallery said...

I agree with the news. I hate Football, and was a cheerleader for one year.
Now at 80 I wish I could have understood it. Still just crazy guys
playing rough house. My back hurts and Duta said it," THe Weight"
Well Happy Holidays Yvonne

Lady Di Tn said...

I have lost eight pounds since last year but could loose a few more. However, with being in middle of the Holidays I will be lucky to stay status quo. I have tried lots of different diets during my life time and have found moderation is the key. Also, it is hard for me to loose without exercise . After I feel the back is up to more exercise, I will do more but until then I am doing only the ones that the I learned at PT. As I told the little young fellow who was giving me the PT, maybe soon my rubber band will be more elastic. LOL Peace