Friday, December 23, 2016

Who cares about Santa, The Pope is here.

When we were young and carefree we did not have very many photos of us together. Therefore. each Christmas we make a point to have one made of The Best Friends. 

This one was taken of us last year and of course my wonderful lab, Maggie likes to get into the act. She is so jealous of anyone who gets close to me. 

The Kitty Justice as you read this I am having " Fun of the Season" with my Best Friend. 


DUTA said...

How very touching to have such a good friend and be in such a close relationship with her over the years!
Maggie is rather stealing the show from the two lovely ladies in the picture, with her black , distinguished appearance.

Lady Di Tn said...

Maggie always steals the show because she is a very pretty girl and well mannered. The Pope and I are in deed the best of friends and we have so many wonderful memories together. Peace