Thursday, December 15, 2016

Who would believe it is the middle of the month.

 I did not attempt Fruit cakes this year so maybe those who love to receive them with go into fruitcake withdrawals and next year I can whip up anything.Ha Ha
 A promise of a snow shower or two should arrive on Saturday. I have watched the frost creep up the hill and it finally arrived on our roof top on December 10th. Four days later than last year. When frost arrives on the roof then and only then do I consider ole man Winter is on his way. 
My most recent gift from Prince. Throughout the year he brings me little surprises and I love them best rather than him feeling he has to give me something because it is an occasion. Those little gifts are so special because I know he is thinking about me when he picks them out for me. Sometimes it is just my favorite snack "Cheetos". But his thoughtfulness is one of the MANY reason I love him. 
 We just had our 30th Anniversary. When you are having fun TIME FLIES. 
 I am awaiting the visit of The Pope (my best friend) This is last years photo opt where she is stretching her 4'10" frame while posing with my son, Puppy (Thus called because Prince's friends nickname him "The Dog" which was shorten from HOT DOG) It is rare for The Pope not to wear heels and yes she had them on when the photo was taken. When Puppy was small . he thought Santa Claus was a very short lady from Macon Ga because The Pope would arrive with a car full of stuff for him. Christmas is The Pope's favorite holiday and she starts shopping for others right after Christmas ends and sometimes before. Her home is decorated all year long. Getting to spend time with her is my true present from her. One year I threw this large Christmas bag over her head and told her she was my present. I am getting excited just thinking of her visit. 
Today the Sun is out bright and it was 19 degrees this morning. However, we have had lots of days lately that the hill has been fogged in as this photo shows. It makes you feel you are a island in the sky. 

I prefer wrapping presents to sticking them in a bag . I use real ribbon and it makes the packages look festive however, this year  I have done what is easiest for me and that was lots of bags. I will do a few packages for the family this year but very few.  Each morning I take a few minutes to wrap a few more gifts. 

I just got Puppy's Christmas list and last week I got my nieces Christmas list. The Kitty Justice is I need my list before October and I cannot wait until they have kids of their own and those kids give them their list so late.. Not only Kitty Justice but Poetic Justice too. 


Changes in the wind said...

Isn't funny how time changes things. I do very little baking now and not a lot of decorating and trying to find ways to give money creatively is now my big challenge:) Happy Anniversary!

DUTA said...

Your relationship with Pope is very touching. It seems your friend Pope is a special, wonderful person.
I like all of your pictures in this post: the fruit cakes, the nature pictures of snowy hill and foggy hill, your & husband's wedding picture, the picture of Pope with your son..

Good Luck with the wrapping of your Christmas presents!

Adullamite said...

Hot Dog look at the size of that son! Aye the weather is daft at the moment, you wouldn't beieve it was December.

Lady Di Tn said...

Yep with age not only comes wisdom but the idea we do not have to do as much. I love to bake and give it away but this year was not the year. Thanks for the happy wishes. Peace

The Pope(my old boss named her this as her last name was Pope and she married a Catholic) and I Have been friends for over forty six years. It is a very special friendship and in less than a week she will be here in TN where she belongs. Thanks and I am glad you enjoyed the photos. Peace

Mr A
My son takes after my side of the family where the men are big and burly. I think he could pose for lumberjack status. Yesterday morning it was 20 degrees, today the wind is coming from the south and we are expected to reach 70 degrees and tomorrow morning icy rain and below freezing. TN is living up to its saying "if you do not like the weather, stick around as it will change. However, it is not fun when it does it in 3 days. With this warm weather today there is a chance of BAD STORMS AND STRAIGHT LINE WINDS. The latter causes loss of trees with or without leaves and with all our big trees, I must say I am not fond of the chance of a big tree tumbling down. Peace