Friday, July 24, 2015


 Due to the southern heat, the hydrangea is losing it's color.
 This Balloon flower plant has 2 different colors. I guess our neighbors bees did the coloring. 
This is how the Balloon flower should look. 
The Kitty Justice is I shall see yawl next week. Have a great weekend. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Twelve Days

 The morning of July tenth.
This morning. 
Between these two mornings, I have had really good days adjusting to not having the PESKY Gallbladder. I do not paint birds very well and my pal Peaches is an expert at capturing the little feathered fellows therefore, I spent a day painting with her to get some much needed advise. I do have to say Painting is one of the true joys in life. I think this morning's photo would be a nice one to paint.  Anyway, I came home and worked on my Rooster which I have repainted several times. There is more paint on that one little bird canvas than I really care to mention. 

 Prince and I had dinner with a couple we car pooled with when Puppy was in grade school on up until they could drive. They are really a fun couple and we hope to continue enjoying night outs with them only if it is once a month. He is a fireman and she is a teacher and if nothing else you gotta love them because of what they do. 

The really great time was spent on girlfriends day at my friends Pammie Pooh's home and Mz. Bubbles fixed fried rice for us to eat. I brought some rice crackers, fortune cookies and Kemp's Sea Salt and Caramel Yogurt. When you open the carton of Kemp's there is a cow hoof print to show the cows have given their stamp of approval. 

To top it all off, I got to spend a day with Big Sis and we played with her walk on cats kittens, went out to eat and shopped at her local outlet mall. I found some unmentionables that have truly made the girls happy, happy, happy. I had not been able to travel to see her for 2 months and that made our time together even more special.

Little brother works odd hours so I texted him to see if he could meet us soon for a sibling day but alas the two free days for him either Sis or myself had other things we must do (doctor visits and a funeral)

The funeral I attended was for my MIL 97 year old friend. She made it out of hospice twice but alas we all have to go through that door sooner or later. She was one of the nicest ladies I have ever had the pleasure to know. She did lots of good deeds but most we will never know about as she did not require accolades She was the only person who ever called me her Angel and all I did was get her car through the vehicle inspection in order to secure her tags for another year. 
As the Priest stated along with her son she had a positive attitude and saw the best in every situation. The world need more Mary's but Heaven has a jewel now. 

I have kept busy and turned off the computer more because life is going going and soon will be gone.

The Kitty Justice is I will still post occasionally but not daily and there are some parts of the computer world I may not visit, case in point FB. I will continue to read blogs I enjoy but may not post a comment just be a ghost passing through. 

Peace be with You. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hello Friends until Free Speech offends

 I did not have any flowers in bloom, so I went to Puppy's herb patch and sniped off some mint. He put it in the ground and it is taking over the patch. Kind of reminds me how the Gays have taken over with the help of 5 Supreme Court Justices. Just as the mint will choke out the other plants so will the gays choke out Christianity. 
 Prince found this little nest a couple of years ago as he was working outside and brought it to me as one of the little gifts he is always finding in the yard. A little wren had built in my dirty rag bag outside which I keep behind the door that opens onto the porch and when you would open or close the door she would fly out and scare you. We knew she was there but each of us would jump when she would fly out. For over a week, she did not appear therefore, I decided it was time to clean out the bag and wash the rags to use again. As I dumped them on the ground the nest had eggs but they were empty. I felt sad that the babies did not hatch. I took the little eggs and put them in the nest, again I was struck that these eggs were EMPTY just like the promises of government officials to Support the Constitution and represent the people. Neither of which is being done. 
I was surprised to see my Mother In Laws or Snake Plant had little blooms. There were 3 stalks of the little flowers and due to the heat lasted only a few days. I am also SURPRISED to see the fury over anything Confederate. Especially the Battle Flag. Can Southern's prevent the fact that hate groups have hijacked our flag? Not if folks do not understand the real facts of the War and that it is History. NO SYMBOL OR ANY KIND OF HISTORY WILL STOP RACISM. 
The Kitty Justice is My Mother always said "keep your mouth shut unless you know all the facts" something that lots of Americans should adhere to in this rush for political correctness. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sick of the News

 The first two photos are of the baby fox squirrel. I have no idea if it is male or female. The last two photos are of Mama squirrel which we have named Foxy. When the sun is out and shining on their fur the red is a very bright red. Grey squirrels out number fox squirrels so we feel Blessed to get to watch these two dine at our sunflower feeder. Their antics are much more entertaining than the news media. 
This photo was taken Saturday morning and the weather was awesome. In the sixties with a light breeze and Sunday was the same except we had sun shine. I love those kind of days. 
Prince dug up my Zinnia bed and I planted the seeds and it felt wonderful to dig in God's dirt. I just hope they grow as I never have planted seeds this late. Why am I late? One word-Gallbladder. Had that pesky part removed and I am feeling better ever day. This country girl did not plant any tomatoes. WHAT?  Yep, when I do not plant my favorite summer fruit you know I had to be pretty sick physically. 
I wish to say in college I took a course  how Religion affected our History. Now people just like Ben Alfleck are trying to omit or just ignore historical events. It happen- Get Over It. That is why it is called History. 
I am a true Southern born in my beloved state Tennessee where I continue to reside. I believe in God and religious freedom that we found to secure by coming to America , guns to defend myself from harm and put food on the table, and Southern Heritage. I have never own a Slave nor did my side of the family who found under that flag. I also have never own a Battle Flag but with all the hoopla, I might go out and purchase one. I believe in a one man and one woman    marriage just as The Bible states. 
Now if you wish to Vilify this Southern Lady do so with FACTS and not fiction or myths. 
The Kitty Justice is it is NOT okay to hijack the Battle Flag for hate groups, it is NOT okay to use God's rainbow  nor our word gay for homosexual use. Neither one should APPLY 
However now a pound sign is called a hashtag. WHAT? 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

 Happy Father's Day to my dearest Prince. He is a wonderful father and the love of my life. 
 My BIL was a wonderful father to my niece and a good husband to my sister. When people complain about their parents, well my niece just does not understand as both of hers were great parents. 
My Mother's father was also a wonderful father and the best Pa to his grand kids. Still miss him after all these years. 
The Kitty Justice is I had a Dad not a Father and if truth is told he should never have been a parent. He was a mess but he was my mess of a Dad and yawl would not experience my unconventional humor  or justice if I had not been a glint in his eye. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Looking back

This was a signed and numbered print in my doctor's waiting room . It is called "The Diagnosis" and I did not write down by whom as I thought I would be able to read it from the photo(NOT). The first thing I noticed were the shoes. The majority were round toed shoes, but one had on pointed shoes, one had on high top tennis shoes, one had his golf shoes on and another did not have any shoes on. I found this a rather clever print and the topic suited the area. 
Months ago I began to have some of my favorite foods turn on me. You know what I thought don't you? That I hated this getting older crap. I began to carry Pepcid with me so I could get relief if a food did not agree with my aging stomach. Really tuff getting old.  
Next I began to be bloated and could rid the world's energy problems with the gas I was producing." Very embarrassing." More so the bottom end than the top. Now I am not one to Burp  but those loud obnoxious sounds would spurt out without warning. I was beginning to run around with a very red face. So embarrassed was I. 
Since I have to be at death's door to throw up I was continually nauseated with or without food. 
Not a good way to keep going. As fate would have it I soon became Queen of the Throne. First I thought good grief a virus on top of everything else. Then it lingered on. Not a virus. 
On 8-25-2002, I had a very painful attack and it all came back to me when the knife cut across my middle . It went all the way through my body and exited under my right shoulder. That nasty little sac of bile was on the warpath and I was it's enemy. Test ensued and if the stones had been gold, let's just say this gal would be in High Cotton. 
My sister who has had several surgeries and always awoke very sick told me "That is the only surgery I ever awoke from feeling good." Everyone was giving me their testimonies of how much better they felt after Gallbladder surgery. 
I awoke from the surgery without nauseate, knife in my middle and the exit wound in my shoulder and I was sore but being an out patient I was read to head to the barn and recover. Let's just say Surgery is Surgery and that is enough to define what happen. My cousin use to call some surgery "Sissy Surgery". I am a firm believer there is NOT such an animal.  
THEN the deep soreness where the 4 prong fork had been used on my middle began. The fourth day out of surgery, I was beginning to wonder why in the ---- did I agree to surgery. 
After many a painful days, it dawn on me that I had a Tommie Copper woman core pressure item that I had gotten to help with back pain. I put it on and in 24 hours I could move without becoming a big time wimp. I even sat down and wrote the company I was so very thankful. 
The Kitty Justice is not to think you are getting old or the subject of a plague of viruses but remember that Nasty Pesky Sac of Stones, Mr. Gallbladder. Why Mr. well it had to be a man to hurt me so bad as we ladies would never ever do that to each other. 

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Fly and trees

 As I was heading to get the mail one afternoon, I spied Tumbilena's house with a Fly atop. I do not like them in the house but outside they are free to light upon the mushroom home of a fairy or toad. Either way my imagination when traveling to years gone by and remember I had won first place in the Art Exhibit with an abstract of her but not her house. Then Emily Post's poem with the line "will I hear a fly when I die" came to mine, Do teenagers even study her poems now? 
I have been reading how to make Chipmunks go away. I ordered some scented cork trees to place out front and some spray to re spray them after 6-8 weeks but alas the spray was not in the package which had been ripped across the left corner. The company U Scram said they would replace the spray and that is true customer service. 
I also got some Shake away to spread about to keep rodents of all kind from my plants and pots. 
The Kitty Justice is I am trying natural proclaims methods before I get the gun.