Thursday, September 22, 2016

To Curse or Not to Curse

This is Loop embroidery done by Bob Anson who was one of the bowlers on the team I was on back in the Seventies. Yikes. As we were bowling and I made a rather useless throw into the gutter, I yelled Cat Fuzzies. Bob and fellow bowlers thought it hilarious and the other gentleman on the team said "Someone needs to learn you how to cuss." I then told him the only thing worse for me was Cat Hairs and again all on the team rolled with laughter. 
Later Bob gave me this piece he had done especially in honor of my cussing. 
I have this in my bathroom to look at daily and remember that fun moment. 
The Kitty Justice is I knew how to curse but chose not to echo the words of my Dad in my youth. 

Friday, September 09, 2016

Moon Flowers

Since the plant started to bloom each night we look to see if we get to enjoy another one. Some times we have three or two. The bloom is as big as my hand and it has a nice light fragrance. 
Both Prince and I are suffering from a summer cold.  The worse is the headache. I forgot how bad they make you feel. 
The Kitty Justice is I wish the cold lasted only a night just like the Moon Flower. 

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Morning Glories on the rail.

When I was growing up in Elmwood, mother always had a blue morning glory by the porch. I remember just how it looked to this very day. She used a cotton string tied to the porch for it to climb upon. . 
This one is a volunteer and has climbed the trellis up to the top of the rail . 
The Kitty Justice is it is like my mother saying "Good Morning". 

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Take me Back

 A close up of Hurricane Dock . It has moved out into the channel and a major upgrade occurred after the new owners acquired the place. Mz Marshall could keep things going with baling wire as Prince is heard saying however I think the new one owners use other means. 
The website said the Blue Water Grill was open until 8:30 so we rushed down to the dock(It is a VERY LONG WALK FROM THE PARKING LOT) to eat one night and you guess it,  the closing time was 8. April was kind and fixed us a bacon and tomato sandwich with chips and then for dessert we shared a slice of cheese cake. We sat outside and it was like we had a private spot on the lake to eat. Our waitress, April was very kind to do this for us . It brought back our moon light first meal to our trip to Hawaii. Same deal, the place was closing and the waitress made us a Mai Mai sandwich. 

We had to go as far across the lake as possible to get the whole dock in the photo due to the fact I had my close up lens on the camera in hopes of getting a photo of the reported eagles seen on Davies Island. 
We turned left out of the dock and went under the Hurricane Bridge on Highway 56 heading up the lake to Davies Island. 

You can see the rain in the background. We had made our trip around the Island and were heading back when we saw the thunder head cloud. We chose to sit by a rock bluff and watch it go up the lake over the bridge and it was heading up Interstate 40 on it's way to Cookeville. We did not suffer any rain drops on us but we also did not see any eagles. We will just have to go back but not this weekend because Prince is on call for the hospitals and he has a date with the bush hog. 
The Kitty Justice is the lake is great even when it rains.  

Thursday, September 01, 2016


 Once upon a time there was a whole area with rock towers but we could only find one and it was a Church. I wish whoever does these would do more. 
 During the time of our youth, the hills around the lake were natural with only a few cabins or homes visible but now there are crowded areas along the shores. This one is near Hidden Harbor Marina.  The photo below is closer view.

 This is the area where our little cabin built in the sixties happen to reside. On the far bottom right of the  photo is a concrete house that the Carlen's built and next to it in the woods is Mz Marshall's rock house she built (NOW A RENTAL ) There was a covenant when Mz Marshall was alive that NO RENTAL HOMES WOULD EXIST ON HURRICANE LANE. She owned and ran Hurricane Dock and she did not charge for boats to launch from the boat ramp nor did she sell beer. Our little cabin is next door to her house. Hurricane Lane like most of the roads around the lake dead end. Check out that monster on top of the hill. We were told a married dentist couple built it. (too much house for me) One night as we came off the lake it was lit up like a Giant Shopping Mall. In other words EVERY light was on.  
 I took this photo with the house boat so you could get some perspective of the distance and realize how big the houses are on top. 
This is one of the houses you could see from our trip around Davies Island. Eagles have been spotted at the Island but alas we did not see any. Later in the week we took a tour of the road these houses are on and you would not want to meet anyone on it as it is extremely narrow and after the first mile it goes up and down again and again and with one hare pin curve. Made us appreciate the quality of Hurricane Lane. (Even though it has a few holes and needs resurfacing. 

Our beautiful lake has been found by developer as there is a condo development right on the right as you turn off to go to the dock. It blocks the first view of the lake we use to enjoy . It was with joy we would turn and say, "I see the lake" now all you see are condos hanging off the road. As for me I could not sleep in one of them because there is nothing but AIR and a few poles to keep you right side up. 

The Kitty Justice is not only has Nashville  been found by MORE PEOPLE but Center Hill Lake has also been FOUND.  Not happy with SO CALL PROGRESS!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Lake was Great

Just a few of the photos I took last week when we went and stayed at the lake for almost a week. We had to keep moving because it was sooooo hot but it sure was pretty. The corp have not finished working on the dam therefore the water is more than ten feet below normal pool. Of course it give you a chance to see where the best fishing spots happen to be. Both Prince and I grew up spending our summers on this lake and it is a great pleasure to return. No we did not know each other at the time. 
It took us three years to get back up there but the Kitty Justice is it seems like you never left when you cruise along the water. 

Friday, July 29, 2016


This months Art Ventures luncheon was held at The Homestead in Thompson Station. From left to right is Huffy, Mz La, Andy, Winnie, Cat, Peaches,Mz. Hen, Shirley, Kitty Justice, Little and Jingles. We had a fun time and the chicken salad sandwiche was the best I have had at a restaurant in a long time. However, the fire roasted harvest veggies were allowed to get too large. The seeds were huge. I always used squash that had gotten that size in  my garden to make pickles. You core the squash to take out all the seeds and either chop or shred the flesh and peeling. Apparently someone forgot to tell them this small item. I love squash but this was not good . The photo below was the wall behind Huffy, Mz La and Andy.

 This photo and the next were taken on the right side of the room. Yes, I went and looked in the lockers and nothing was in them. 
 There was a long tall window on the right of the mantle so the light interfered with the photo but you get the jest. 
 This photo and Next two were taken in the front hall way . The picture frames had objects in them instead of photo except the one over the couch. 

 If you enlarge this photo of the frame over the couch, you will see the small photos are animals dressed up in human outfits.  I loved the carriage out front and would have paid for a ride if they had been giving them. The carriage seemed more in tune with the area the home was built instead of the decorations inside. 

 Mz Purple was not at the luncheon because she had to go with hubby to the doctor. Knee problems for him. At last weeks art class I brought her a Birthday cake as her birthday was coming up on the weekend. Of course it had to be purple since her favorite color is purple. 
 I have several plants that are under the eves so I have to water even if we have monsoons. That takes awhile to get done. Whew and when it is HOT as it has been of late, I have a tendency to wilt if this Kitty stays outside too long. My walk on cat, Cinnamon was gone a week and a day courting I presume. 
 Every chance I get I try to paint. The well house in the snow and the little 8x10 of the small Church are finished and I am working on the larger one. I have also been trying to put some finished paintings in frames. Almost daily a thunder shower appears. We have lost two really good artist this month. First Robert (Bobby) Vantrese and Betty Lee. In the 1970, Bobby was the first artist I met in Nashville at a drawing class at Watkins. Betty Lee and I were hostess together when I first join Art Ventures. Please  look closer at the sky and you will see it is more colorful now that these two are helping to paint the sunrises and sunsets. I am so sick of politics that I have buried myself in reading two books lately. Also, watched the Tour De France, just love listening to the commentators and learning new phrases such as "finishing line", road is tilting up, etc. Also, the scenery is fantastic. I also was much pleased with the very last episode of Hell on Wheels. The Kitty Justice is to stay COOL.