Friday, February 23, 2018

Getting Better

 First of all, these photos were taken in August and December of 2017. Most of our buttercups are up and blooming and I noticed our Hawthorne bush was budding out when in the RAIN I took Maggie to her 4th chemo treatment. Doc says she is still doing GREAT. Music to my ears. I may try to dig this vase out of it hidding place today and put some fresh flowers in the hallway near the front door. We have a break from the rain and our weather people have stated we are 5 inches above normal.
 My walk on Cinnamon comes when the garage door is open because he will have access to his food bowls. I keep dry in a bowl and when he appears he gets his treat of tuna fish. When my son came in last night from having dinner with friends, he and a black and white cat were fighting near the basketball goal. Puppy got out and both cats high tailed it to the neighbors yard to continue their excapade. When the garage door went up this morning NO Cinnamon. But on Maggie's second outing he was waiting at the back door telling me he had finished the dry food and needed his treat. I gave him a little extra as I figured with his night life he needed it for strength. 
 These beautiful nail polishes were left in my stocking by Santa. With the arm and neck trouble of 2017 I was unable to paint my nails and with January being a bust on health, I just last week got to try one of them. This week I tried another color. Got a few weeks to go to try them all. 
We had clouds and a little streak of sunshine this morning and the sun has peeked out a few time today but alas it looks as if the clouds will win out. The Kitty Justice whether it is cloudy, rain or sun, enjoy the day. 

Monday, February 19, 2018


 Update on Maggie. She is tolerating her chemo so far. Pray she will continue. She has 5 more treatments and I hope it puts the stage 3 cancer on the run and we can share more times together. 
During Trump inaguration I took this photo of the Capitol on TV. The reason I am posting this is because WE AS A NATION CANNOT LEGISLATE COMMON SENSE, DECENCY, NOR CULTURE. Stop and think if you are old enough that guns were never a problem in schools until the last few years. Heck you could bring a gun to school to go hunting or take it with you after you had hunted in the morning and NO one was shot. Also, some school had shooting classes and how to take care of your gun. WHAT HAS CHANGED is not the gun but the culture. No matter how many gun laws you have, evil people will kill. Until we address the root cause, you could ban all guns and the evil ones would still find a way to KILL.  So here is my take on gun laws. Have just one. If you kill someone, immediate death pentlity. If you commit a crime with a gun, again give them the death pentlity. Why? Becuase if a gun is used in a crime they intended to kill you. Gang members should be rounded up and shipped to the front of the lines of engagements of war. If they dessert, death. I figure since the violent gun crimes are being blamed on the Capitol and the NRA, and the gun, why not pass a law that has teeth and since those who comment the crime care so little about others lives then they should forfeit theirs. Those teenagers in Parkland are ralling againist the NRA. Fact the kids are into a knee jerk reaction but  the NRA has killed 0 people, nor has it used any tax payers money, however, this cannot be said about Planned Parenthood, who uses tax payers money to kill millions. But someone has to be the BLAME AND NOT THEM AND THEIR SOCIETY. 

 My MIL at age 5 who is now 98 soon to be 99. She could ride the interurban from Gallatin to downtown Nashville by herself when she was little and go to her Uncles office and he would give her some money and off she would go to the 5 and dime to shop BY HERSELF. Now children cannot play outside without an adult watching them. Growing up in rural Smith County, my family did not even lock our doors. Kids could go all over the community without fear of being hurt or taken. While my MIL and I are from differnet generations neither had to worry about school shootings. So what is different you ask. Look at the cultures and you will see why. Manners and respect were very promment in those times but not NOW.  
I took this photo of a barn in Brentwood as we were riding down the road. It reminds me of just how fast life is passing by and people forget to be gratful for the time they have each day. The Kitty Justice is NOT to complain but be gratful for what you have today. And remember all you will take with you is your memories so why do you care so much about STUFF? also true Tennessean hate the fact that Nashville is the It city. Our town has been invaded just like the North did the South. Each morning when the news comes on, there are so so many shootings and deaths talked about in our town. This did not happen before we were invaded . I may sound unhospitible but but our town and state was fine before the Invaders came pouring in the city. Maybe I should put up a billboard GLAD YOU COME. NOW GO HOME!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

More to Come

 Sunday night we had a rare fire downstairs and watched the Super Bowl. It was a really good game and I liked the fact that the underdog team won. I really did not care which one won as long as it was not a run away. One of the local football young man got a Super Bowl ring. Congratulation to Brentwood's Barnett. Unfortunately Mason 69 , a friends grandson on New England's team did not win but he has his ring from last year. It is always fun to see local football boys grown up to be on national football teams. Makes it a little more fun to watch. For a long time this year I did not watch the NFL because of the protest during our national anthem. I do not care if they protest just not when our flag and anthem is on display. 
 Lilly kitty has used her claws on the living room furniture. She does it at night when she cannot be discipline. I refuse to recover as long as she has bad manners so I both a few covers or throws to hid the damage. After this ordeal I will not have another kitty inside. 
The best part of February Nascar will return. Looking forward to the Daytona race even though several racers have retired. I guess the young guns will come forward to entertain. We still have The Shrub (Kyle Bush) and Harvick  but alas I will need to read up on the young racers. 
The Kitty Justice 2018 is looking up in February. I think I will let this month start the year as January was the pits. I have never had such a horrible birthday as I did this year. 

Friday, February 02, 2018

Catch Up

 Christmas 2017 has come and gone. It was a quite pleasant time with family and friends. Below is Puppy and my best friend LPC (The Pope) for her annual Christmas visit on the Hill. 

 Here is Maggie Christmas morning with the toy she dug out of her stocking. I found a lump about the size of a marble right before Thanksgiving on her left upper hip and then at Xmas it had increased in size. I thought since it did not appear to bother her we would wait until after the holidays to get it checked out. On January 2nd a needle biopsy was done and she had a Mast Cell tumor. The bio irritated it so she began to lick the area. On with cone head. I could not get it stopped bleeding so Jan 4th I took her to the vet. They kept her all day and I picked her up that afternoon. I stayed up with her all night long changing her bandage every 2 hours. The next morning I took her for surgery to remove the tumor. At 9 thirty the vet called and said it was a MASSIVE TUMOR. A small lump created a 12 inch incision. I was not prepared for that. Then the task of healing began but the bottom 3 inches of the incision the staples were coming out. The 11th I got the the news that the test had come back and she had a High Mast Tumor which was Stage 3 cancer. The 12th it was snowing to beat the bands and most everything was shut down even the vets so Puppy and I took her to the Pet Emergency Clinic across town and had the staples replaced . Then as fate was not on my side. I got a stomach virus. Luckily I was the only one effected. Within a week Prince came down with the flu and like domino first me and then Mimi got the bug.All 3 of us had had a flu shot.  I had Maggie an appointment with an oncologist but had to cancel due to having the flu. I rescheduled her for 1-31 and after talking with the doctor, I thought it best to start chemo on her. She has 7 more sessions and I am in hopes it will make the end of her life easier. If I had done nothing she would have had only 2-4 months before the aggressive cancer took my beautiful dog. I know she will not be cured but I plan to give her quality of life not quantity and the doctor agrees. 
We are like sleeping cats on the hill as we hope the rest will put all of us back in the pink. The flu really put my MIL back as she is having difficult getting about. Prince had the doctor to get her home health to help get her strength back. 
Ever the optimist Here is wishing for a better February. The Kitty Justice would be that the Ground hog did not see his shadow. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


 Puppy was my cook, driver and all round care giver  during my health issues. Whenever, I need some muscle to do anything at all I could count on his shoulders. 
 Prince was my true night in shining armor during these all months of despair when I could not do anything. He can only cook bacon and Eggo waffles but he knew the best  places to bring in food to feed the whole family. He is the best of the best with all he did for everyone not just me during this time. 
 BIL Ed could be counted on to bring wonderful smoked and grilled food and soup mostly for lunch but often he would bring his food for dinner. He and Puppy took on the doctor visits for Mimi. 
Cousin Bill rode in with dinner more times than can be counted for the family and bless his heart he is still doing it. I did cook for him two weekends ago. A Small thank you since he has been so generous and faithful in his care for those on the Hill. 

I will never be able to THANK MY FOUR GUYS ENOUGH for their caring and support. 
I confess as I was searching for single photos of these fellows it was VERY HARD to locate a photo of just each one( could not find one of Ed) thus all of the above photos are dated. Looking at the photos Bill is the oldest male first cousin and Ed is the youngest of the first cousins males on Prince's fathers side of the family. 


Thursday, November 09, 2017


 In April my upper right arm would be in horrible pain when I awoke. Since my MIL had to have a pic line and I administered the medicine, I ignored it and thought it was a pillow issue. After several pillows later, I knew that was a myth in my mind that was  playing to avoid the doctor. 
Finally first of May I went to my GP. His last statement to me was "That I was ate up with it".I asked him what was it and he said Arthritis. I previously told him I thought it was a nerve in my neck and he poo poo that idea and said it was my shoulder. Got a pack of steroids and some pain pills. Those pain pills were like eating candy for all they did. As soon as I stopped the steroids the pain intensified. Mother's Day weekend I COULD NOT USE OR MOVE MY RIGHT ARM and yes I am right handed.  I called the GP and his receptionist said HE SAID "THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE HE COULD DO FOR ME." 
Nashville is known for good doctors but the second doctor I saw at my GP"s request had a need for a major attitude adjustment. He took only x rays no other test were made and he said there was nothing wrong with my shoulder but when I asked he ignored my question as to why it would not move. He said I had A LITTLE ARTHRITIS IN MY NECK.  He must have spoke with the GP as he said that doctor was treating me correctly. But the WORST think he said  was  "I WILL BE HAPPY WITH 70 PER CENT MOVEMENT BACK" 
He would be happy what about ME. I wanted as much movement as I could get. But hen again it was not his major arm that was affected but mine.   
Prince was upset and so was I so Prince  insisted we go to another doctor and a whole new group not in the network of our insurance. 
More x rays and no test, the lady doctor but gave me a steroid shot in my shoulder and months of therapy later I was only a little better off than when it began. 
Plus the worse was my right hand was swelling badly and it was like that for a whole month. I called up dr #3 and she said unfortunately they only did three things, shoulder, knees and hips. She advised me to return to my GP. 
To have stay in good faith with the health system, I sent him a snarky E mail telling him the problem and tongue in cheek ask if there was anything he could do. His reply was go to a hand specialist. 
called up the doctor who had fixed my lower back problems before . At the appointment the  first thing he wanted to know was who referred me and I told him" me, myself and I" because if he could not help me I knew he would refer me to someone who could which he had done twice before.  Next he wanted the history and what test they ran. I kept saying only X rays no other test and he would silently shake his head. I saw him the first of the week by Thursday I was having an MRI and on Tuesday the next week HE in person called me. In less than 2 weeks surgery on my neck was done . I have new metal at C 5 and C6. I have exercises to do daily and he said it would take at least 3 months for the nerve to heal. 


Wednesday, July 19, 2017


 The above 3 photos were taken on Hazel's 90th Birthday party at Knoxie's house. You can read the blog post on 9-08-2009. 
 Here she is in her element-TEACHING. 
Here she is in her normal stance outside the Art Center with a big display of her artwork behind her. 

Our dear teacher and friend died at age 97 but oh what a life she lived. She was born a Georgia Peach . Then for a few years she lived in Cleveland TN but most of her early life was spent on Sand Mountain Alabama. Her family grew acres and acres of potatoes and strawberries and trucked them as far as Arkansas to get the best price. Being the sixth of seven children, well she just was not interested in farming. As she got older, (girls were not sent to high school in her area) therefore, she went to stay with some family friends in Fayettville, TN where she went to high school and finished at age 22. She met the love of her life, Melvin in Fayettville and she  was a waitress and her husband was a cook at the same place but they wanted more out of life. In 1950 they moved to the big city of Nashville.  There she went to Watkins Institute and took art under Morgan Steinmetz, a renowned illustrator. Her only child could not say the instructor name so he called him Pops and thereafter when you heard Hazel talk about him he was referred to as Pops. 

For five decades , Hazel would be one of Nashville's most honored and celebrated art and ballroom dance teachers. Yes she and Melvin gave ballroom dancing lessons and when Melvin died in 1999, she continued into her eighties with instructor Gary Groves giving lessons in dance. I could list all her achievements but others have done that and all you have to do to read those just google her Hazel Mae Crye King. 

To be invited to Hazel and Melvin's parties given at their home was to see a variety of people. Rich, famous, poor, white or color etc etc. They loved people and the more the merrier. Unfortunately, I got to know her some time after her husbands death thus I never went but heard about them. But you never knew who would be there. Bill Dees brought this upcoming artist to one party and and he began to tap out the rymthem of the song on the table and then Roy Orbinson sang his new record for the party goer which was titled "Pretty Woman".  

Her favorite saying was "Whenever in doubt use purple." I guess the skies sunsets and sunrises will have more purple in them in the future. 

The Kitty Justice is I am sad for those who did not get to know her and Happy I was one of the fortunate ones. RIP Hazel