Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Lake was Great

Just a few of the photos I took last week when we went and stayed at the lake for almost a week. We had to keep moving because it was sooooo hot but it sure was pretty. The corp have not finished working on the dam therefore the water is more than ten feet below normal pool. Of course it give you a chance to see where the best fishing spots happen to be. Both Prince and I grew up spending our summers on this lake and it is a great pleasure to return. No we did not know each other at the time. 
It took us three years to get back up there but the Kitty Justice is it seems like you never left when you cruise along the water. 

Friday, July 29, 2016


This months Art Ventures luncheon was held at The Homestead in Thompson Station. From left to right is Huffy, Mz La, Andy, Winnie, Cat, Peaches,Mz. Hen, Shirley, Kitty Justice, Little and Jingles. We had a fun time and the chicken salad sandwiche was the best I have had at a restaurant in a long time. However, the fire roasted harvest veggies were allowed to get too large. The seeds were huge. I always used squash that had gotten that size in  my garden to make pickles. You core the squash to take out all the seeds and either chop or shred the flesh and peeling. Apparently someone forgot to tell them this small item. I love squash but this was not good . The photo below was the wall behind Huffy, Mz La and Andy.

 This photo and the next were taken on the right side of the room. Yes, I went and looked in the lockers and nothing was in them. 
 There was a long tall window on the right of the mantle so the light interfered with the photo but you get the jest. 
 This photo and Next two were taken in the front hall way . The picture frames had objects in them instead of photo except the one over the couch. 

 If you enlarge this photo of the frame over the couch, you will see the small photos are animals dressed up in human outfits.  I loved the carriage out front and would have paid for a ride if they had been giving them. The carriage seemed more in tune with the area the home was built instead of the decorations inside. 

 Mz Purple was not at the luncheon because she had to go with hubby to the doctor. Knee problems for him. At last weeks art class I brought her a Birthday cake as her birthday was coming up on the weekend. Of course it had to be purple since her favorite color is purple. 
 I have several plants that are under the eves so I have to water even if we have monsoons. That takes awhile to get done. Whew and when it is HOT as it has been of late, I have a tendency to wilt if this Kitty stays outside too long. My walk on cat, Cinnamon was gone a week and a day courting I presume. 
 Every chance I get I try to paint. The well house in the snow and the little 8x10 of the small Church are finished and I am working on the larger one. I have also been trying to put some finished paintings in frames. Almost daily a thunder shower appears. We have lost two really good artist this month. First Robert (Bobby) Vantrese and Betty Lee. In the 1970, Bobby was the first artist I met in Nashville at a drawing class at Watkins. Betty Lee and I were hostess together when I first join Art Ventures. Please  look closer at the sky and you will see it is more colorful now that these two are helping to paint the sunrises and sunsets. I am so sick of politics that I have buried myself in reading two books lately. Also, watched the Tour De France, just love listening to the commentators and learning new phrases such as "finishing line", road is tilting up, etc. Also, the scenery is fantastic. I also was much pleased with the very last episode of Hell on Wheels. The Kitty Justice is to stay COOL.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bulls and other ramblings

When I visited my sister a few weeks back, Lebanon had all sorts of bulls about her town and each one was dressed up differently. I loved the fuzz white hair one with big pearl necklace and ear rings but alas this is the only bull I found the last time I visited. I guess the rodeo was over. 
Anyway, this one was at the place  where we had lunch. 

I just thought, they not only represented the rodeo coming but that our nation is being fed a LOT OF BULL . Seems like everyone is full of bull. 

Someone I love had a stroke and has now been able to go back to work. Instead of being thankful that they could return to work, they were mad that the doctors did not help them apply for disability. WHAT!!!! I cannot wrap my head around that they would rather be disabled enough to go on disability than get back to work. Others who have had strokes wish they were in this persons shoes. You know some folks are never happy. 

When you wake up you can either decided to be happy and look for the blessings or be unhappy and grumble. 

We all have times and things we can grumble about but you pick yourself up and go on. Some times it might take awhile but if you keep trying you will survive and come out with a smile on your face. 

The Bull is black so I guess he matters. I am so sick of Black Lives Matter I could scream. First ALL lives matter. This movement is only making a division between the races. What does protesting do to help matters. Nothing. You work with the laws and system to get the changes needed and that does not involve protesting. Did you see the Democrats do a sit in and it was catered with nice food. Yep they are truly NOT earning their salaries that we pay them. How come they get to vote on their benefits and raises. Since we the people pay them well we need to be the ones to determine their benefits and salaries. 

I get very emotional when I think about our men in blue. We NEED POLICEMEN to keep the laws of the land enforced. Children should be taught to respect them and not fear them. If they tell you to stop, then you should stop. There are bad apples in all walks of life and they can be removed from their job if the public would give the  departments the chance. 

I wish we all could die of natural causes but with the mentality we have going on in the country I do not see that happen. When you watch the news each morning you are told about the killing going on and lots of times it is black killing black so I guess their lives do not matter since they are killed by another black person. Where are the protest and the great concern for their lives. 

The Kitty Justice is we need lots more of God's teaching in the world and less hate. But the Bible and the Ten Commandments have been taken out of schools and government. I truly wonder if the founders of our country were allow to come back would they stand back and let our country go to hell or challenge the leaders to do what is the honorable thing. 

I think all American should at the ripe age of 18 serve in the military for at least two years and no person could be Commander and Chief unless they too had served in the military. 




Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Again

Where have I been
Because it is Sunday again.
Maybe like my kitty
 I am Taking it easy and giddy. 
The sun comes up with a smile on it's face 
 It goes to sleep at it's usual pace.
Days go by like a spinning top
whatever it takes you do not stop.
You cook, clean and do mundane things
But love the normal life's dings. 
By the time I water all my plants
I feel I have been on a five hour dance. 
You converse on the phone
with friends and family not to be alone.
Then again time marches on.
The prose may not be so great but this is the Kitty Justice to date. 

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Tennessee Green

 First of all Happy June to everyone out there in blogland. The Downey and Red Bellied Woodpeckers were destroying my hummingbird feeders so I replaced two of them with glass and the hanging hook is very sturdy. I looked inside each feeder at Ace Hardware to see if it could easily be cleaned and these were the winners but as of yet the birds have not accepted them. I have two plastic feeders that survived and the birds are converging of those. I have been told to take those two down and put these two in their place and they will accept them. Any of you believe this? We having a big red wasp convention on the hill so I got the bottles below to see if they could be attracted and become their Death Trap. 

Above photo shows down the drive and below shows the front of the house. 

 Above the Box wood bushes in front of the big windows and I have lots of Lambs Ear, Lilies of different varitiy and in the open space purple heart. First time I saw purple heart as an outside plant was in Austin TX in the late eighties. I have yet to find out what the green ground cover is called but my Mother had it hanging off the rock wall behind her house and thus I call it Mother's Ground Cover. The two photos below are a close up of the Stella Lily and Mother's Ground Cover.. 

 The Japanese Maple is the only color in the trees at this time. The winter was not kind to my Creeping Jenny ground cover by the old seeder. Prince stays busy this time of year just keeping the mowing done. The white barn is covered with vines and scrub trees that need cutting and the Massey is in the shop so Prince cannot bush hog at present. The Johnson's who own most of our old farm came and did the bush hogging around the barn just lately. Nice to have such GOOD neighbors. 
With the Tennessee Green comes the pollen but therefore we take our allergy meds and go on about our way. 
BTW I have given up my Go Daddy account KittyJustice.com as I was spending too much with no returns. I may start putting more art work on this site and I have even thought about an Etsey account. 
As my thoughts go in many directions, I wonder how many of you get a message from Google telling you that you might be interested in these sites. I delete the E- mail and go about my business. 
The Kitty Justice is I truly enjoy Tennessee Green. (Pollen, bugs and all) Prince found a Copperhead Snake skin this weekend out front when he was mowing. At least it was a skin and not the snake. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

 The Middle Tennessee Veteran Cemetery on McCrory Lane was previously an old dairy farm and the rock building was the barn on the old farm. 
 My blog friend Duta did a post once about it being a Jewish tradition to leave a rock on the grave you visited. I found that most interesting so I left one for Walley Coyote (my affectionate name for Walter) His wife was called Monk by all and I know not why. Both were delightful to be around . RIP

 The large flag was silent to mark the occasion. 

 These photos were taken from left to right and there are many graves for those who served our country to keep the freedoms that we have. Do not take these in vain. 
People were gathering for a service for those who had died this year. At 11 AM all the names of those who died this year were read and a bell rang after each name. The worker who directed us to park advised that another service for the Flag  would be held at 3 PM. We encountered several people putting flowers on graves or taking photos. If you have not gone to a Veteran Cemetery then it is something you should put on your to do list. The Kitty Justice is to bend your head in prayer and thank God for Vets.  

Sunday, May 08, 2016

 HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL YOU WONDERFUL MOTHERS OUT THERE IN BLOGLAND. Today weather here in TN was made to order for us Mothers. It is perfect and God has Blessed us all. 
 My mother, Vinia (first i is a long i and the second is silent so you pronoun it Viiiii na)as a teenager. I am super proud to call her Mother and only hope I can emulate her in thought, words and deeds. She never said she was a christian but it was evident in her actions. I am truly Blessed that she was my Mother and I was raised by her. BTW She did not have a selfish bone in her body.  I wish I could call and wish her Happy Mothers Day one more time but I truly believe she knows how much we children miss her. She was beautiful outside and the beauty was bone deep. Kiss your Mom if you still have one otherwise just join me in reminiscing. 
Today is little brother burpday and he turns the grand age of sixty. By his choice he has cut all family ties with his sisters but we still love him. Later I feel he will regret his choice when we are no longer on the top side of this world but alas then it will be too late.