Friday, August 31, 2007


One of the Katrina victims moved his business to Nashville and we are so glad he did. He bought a old building on Church which use to be a Flooring Business. He has done a great job in making the place into a fine restaurant. It is called "Chappy's".

The first picture is Chappy with me, Kitty and the next one is Cat, Chappy, Winnie, and our newest member Jo Jo. We have lost two of our members and Jo Jo will replace my partner Bee Bee. A suggestion was made by Sister of who we would invite to take Mz. Ann's place.

The luncheon was hosted by Mz Fire and Lady Purple. I really think this was the best place we have ever had our luncheon. We will award them top hostess of the year.

On the table were little platters with four kind of butter for the freshly baked bread. They were presented in four little puffy mounds. They were Alligator, Strawberry, Garlic and Plain. For my taste, the garlic was a wee strong but the alligator was delicious.

I ordered from the pan, sauteed scallops in mushrooms and garlic served on angel pasta with scallions and grated cheese. Some of the other entrees where gigantic and the ladies either left most on the plate or else got a "go box".

Knoxie looked at my bowl and said "Now that is the right amount of food". I still could not eat it all but I was pleasantly surprised at the amount and oh the flavor was wonderful. Only Mz PB&J ordered dessert.

There was fine art on the walls and little alcoves under archways with burgundy drapes for privacy. On the right as you entered was an old English bar and a wall of stain glass.

The Kitty Justice is it was a wonderful get away and we all laughed and enjoyed each others company. I even remember some of Merle's jokes to tell the ladies.


Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ Looks like you all had lots of fun and food. Nice photo of
you with Chappy. Thanks for your comments - -I am glad you saw the Eclipse of the moon, but it was very early over your way. Between 8 and 9 pm here. Glad you Art Buddies like some of the jokes I post. Naturally being an artist, you would like "Colors" Thank you for your nice words about my blog. Take care my friend and keep having fun. Love, Merle.

Merle said...

Hi again Di ~~ Thanks for your comments and wishes for John's recovery. I should have you here to threaten my hairdresser for me.
It will grow and look better in a couple of weeks. Take care, Love,

Lee said...

Hi Lady Di...I've been missing in action from blogging for a short while, for which I apologise. I'm trying right at this moment to catch up with everyone.

Your posts, as usual are fascinating and interesting. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

Lee Glad to see ya back. Hope it was fun action. Thanks