Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The Art Venture Group went to dine at the Hermitage. As a true southern I put on a long dress and a hat for the outing. Needless to say alas I was the only one. I think society has become too lacks and too casual.

I am a fan of being behind the camera and not in front so this is a rare picture. Someone of the group insisted that they take my picture too.

I put this picture on the blog not to talk about the Art Ventures Group but to say "Farewell, to Mr. Steve G. Wishing you sunny skies and raindrop happiness.

The Kitty Justice is I only read a few blogs and his was one and his pictures will be missed as he had a true artist eye when he pointed his camera.


Lee said...

Lady Di....where has Steve gone to? I tried to bring up his blog just a couple of minutes ago and couldn't. I've been out of blog contact for a couple of days...so I've missed out on what has been going on...please do tell me. He's such a nice guy and I do hope he's not given up on blogging.

Great pic, by the way, Ms Kitty! It's good to put a face to all the words you have written. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

I do not know. I pulled up his blog and found a Last Post and then a Disclaimer. I was so sad as his was a nice blog and his pictures wonderful. I could not get to his picture blog at all. I have not tried today in hopes he has returned. In his disclaimer he did say he might start another blog. He also stated he was not dead or dying and had not moved to Lima etc etc. I sure hope he will be back just like Arnold and with lots of pictures.

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ Nice photo of you and
your friend. Sorry you had another 3 digit day. Took me awhile to work out temperature. I was interested to hear about the white squirrels. They sound so nice. Take care my friend,
Love, Merle.

Corn Dog said...

Cute picture. I love the hat.

Lady Di Tn said...

The legend has it that a pairof white squirrels were given to a farmer for his hospitality by the gyspies. It is fun if you are in West Tn to drive through the town and count the number of white squirrels to be seen.