Thursday, August 23, 2007

Instead of cousin I have always heard them referred to as cuden.
Will & Mary Lu never married they were content to be single.
Will with one of his prize jersey cow and his new wheels.
Belle Meade is the RICH (old money) part of Nashville. Cuden Will would drive his new car and sell door to door his cream , milk and produce. Of course it was the back door. Mimi said the cream was so thick you could cut it with a knife and when Cuden Mary Lu made ice cream she would just crush up some peppermint candy and stir it into the cream and then freeze.
Mimi and her sister Lucy would spend at least a week or two at Waveland each summer. Mary Lu would take both of them out to the store and buy them enough material to make each one a dress.
Mary Lu like to go to Florida each year and she collected shells. If you look close ,you can see she placed them around the big magnolia trees. There is one of those shells outside under Mimi bedroom window .
When Mimi graduated from eighth grade, she said Cuden Will came and took her and all her girlfriends out riding in his new convertible. Too bad I do not have a picture of that one.
The Kitty Justice is that Mimi is the only one around who remembers either. She is the last one left in that generation.


Lee said...

How pretty Cuden Mary Lu was. Great tale and wonderful pictures, Lady Di. Thanks. :)

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ Loved seeing your pictures and know you have good memories of your Cudens. I love
all my cousins.. Thanks for your comments, glad you liked the Drink Driver article - it was so sad.
Thanks for your congratulations on my awards - not sure I deserve them, but I do try. I liked the mother of the groom joke too.Take care Di, Love,

Lady Di Tn said...

Good day Ladies
I agree with you Lee that Cuden Mary Lu was very pretty.

Merle I really wish I had known them but through Mimi I think I have some pretty good tales.

As I stated before I love history and somehow have gotten to be the history keeper of the family. Not a bad job if you like that kind of thing.

Peace be with you both.
love and prayers