Sunday, August 19, 2007


This picture was taken last Sunday at his official last act, Adult session of prayer.

Before the class, we had the last Sunday brunch. Mr. Rutledge was our main cook and what a grand cook he happens to be.

Everyone at 7:30 Church just loved Father Wiseman as he would always put such feeling into reading the Gospel or the Service. In other words, you never went to sleep or had your mind wonder when he was in charge.

On this fateful day, he gave us three prayers to use and we could always add more. The first was a simple "Lord, please be in my life", the second "Help Me" and a third "Thank You" He repeated each one three times with FEELING.

He told us also, told us we did not need a Prayer Book or others to tell us how to pray as we could do it ourselves by starting with those three simple prayers.

He said lots of newcomer to our Church look around to see when we sit, stand or kneel. He said we sit to learn, stand to praise and kneel to pray. That is simple enough.

Once when my neck was hurt and I was wearing a soft collar to hold it straight, he told me not to worry as he wore a collar all the time. We both had a good laugh.

The Kitty Justice is he sits up on the second row and watches those young Priest up front.

I forgot to tell you his cane had written on it "the joy stick of the Magi"


Corn Dog said...

I think we so often forget to say "Thank you" to God and it's important.

Lady Di Tn said...

Most of us do and we have so much to be thankful for that others around the world would love.

It rained at St. Thomas Hospital all of downtown, Madison and Mt. Juliet but we got nada on the hill. Still dry.

Corn Dog said...

How wretched. Usually the hill gets rain. I hope you get rain soon. The hay looked very dry.