Thursday, August 02, 2007

(She is in the middle in the first picture and on the right in the second picture.)

Please grab a glass and drink a toast to a wonderful and beautiful lady. She open the gates to Heaven and entered on July 31, 2007. Her best friend Wordie was there to greet her . The sky will be more colorful now that they will paint them together.

Those sultry green eyes have closed. She was gorgeous in green but neat in everything. When she wore green her eyes were the first thing you noticed. I never ever saw her without ear rings that matched whatever she was wearing.

I mentioned her in past blogs, 1-25-07,10-23-06 and 9-3-06. She was diagnosis with the BIG C and it took her like a whirl wind. Just too quick but maybe that was a blessing.

The Kitty Justice is the world was a better place because she was here and those of us who were fortunate have been blessed by knowing her.

Rest in Peace, Mz Ann and know you will be missed.


Lee said...

Ditto, Mz Ann...paint those sunsets, polish the stars and circle the moon....and don't forget to put up the sun at dawn.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Lee