Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I cannot wait until Christmas. All the family gathers and friends come to spend time.

The best part is that my best friend Linda comes back to Tennessee and we spend a whole day together at our house and then if we are lucky we find time to go out to eat while she is home.

This year Number One Nephew will come and bring his new bride from California. I wonder if they will bring Molly dog.

Also, Christmas will bring cool weather. The weatherman said we had set new records . It is nice to set records but not in the weather department. Let's see if my tired brain can remember them. This August we have had 12 -100 degree days and the record for August was 7 -100 degree days. The previous record for 100 degree days in any month was 11 and todays record was set back in 1983. But, we will schatter that record today and so far they are predicting Thursday and Friday as 100 degree days. Still no rain for the hill.

The Kitty Justice is that I will embrace the cool weather and the time of brotherly love.

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