Friday, August 24, 2007


As stated in the previous post Mimi and her sister, Lucy would spend a week or two at Waveland. Cuden Will & Cuden Mary Lu usually would drive up to the farm in Sumner County to get them.

Mimi's Mother died of cancer when Mimi was only five so her Father had a big task of raising two girls without a Mother. Therefore, the whole family would help him out with the girls.

Mimi is the youngest of the two girls and from all her stories very much a "hootie". Some of those to follow later.

A little history before we go on, Captain Wilson had three sons. The oldest son was Mimi and Lucy's father and the other two sons married but they never had any children. Fannie was Captain Wilson sister and her daughter Conn lived in Nashville at Glen Leven.

Cuden Mary Lu would take them to see Cousin Conn and while the girls were visiting, Conn dressed Lucy up in one of Fannie's old dresses. There is also a picture of Cousin Conn in the same dress which unfortunately will be auction off at the estate sale unless I can beg someone to give it to us.

The top porch on Waveland was known as the sleeping porch and it had shades that could be pulled. That is where the girls would sleep when visiting. One night Mimi said it came the bad storm and it thundered and lighting . She said it was really scary.

I guess the Kitty Justice of this tale would be that there was a loving family to help raise the girls.


Lee said...

These a lovely pics. And it's a interesting story of your kin. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. We history keepers love to hear that.