Saturday, August 11, 2007

Maggie does not know it is the weekend so at 5 am she told me it was time to get up and start the day. When I took her for her stroll the humidity was not as oppressive as it has been.
After the coffee was brewed and with cup in hand I found myself sitting on the porch watching the world come alive. It was only 75 degrees and a feather whisper breeze caressed my exposed skin. Ah, what a beautiful morning.
A disgruntled wren sat in the holly tree and chirped her disdain while I sipped that first cup of starter fluid. Maggie being the pup she is could not remain still. She would sniff and walk up and down the porch and then look up at me with those warm brown eyes as to say "Lets do something else".
I continued to enjoy this calm peaceful moment while everyone slept. In the distance I could hear the geese honking and the russel of squirrels playing tag.
What a beautiful morning and then the sun poked its head above the horizon and as I continued to enjoy the first cup, I watched it climb through wispy clouds making first a hat and then glasses for itself. At one point I was made to think Saturn with its rings had appeared in the morning sky.
At the precise moment that morning becomes day, the windmill gave a surge and a rat a tat tat and that lone gust of wind that announces day has begun came charging through.
A dove stopped on top of the driftwood post and Maggie with a yelp told her to move on her way. This awoke the sleeping German shepherd, Nick, down the hill and he broke the morning silence with his powerful wolfs.
As the sun climbed higher in the sky, I hit the ground running. Miles to go before I had breakfast. Dogs to walk, paper to retrieve and LOTS OF FLOWERS TO WATER.
The Kitty Justice is that it will be another HOT DAY but they predict only 98 degrees.
Each morning I count the morning glories and I had eight today. One day I had fourteen. Maybe more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The photos are nice. I love the flowers.

Merle said...

Hi lady Di ~~ Lovely photos and a good description of a peaceful
morning. Thanks for sharing that.
Thanks for your comments, I am so glad that you liked the patch of grass picture and the jokes.
It is not nearly so cold here today
so maybe some of your warmth got here. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Corn Dog said...

What a perfect description of the hill.

Lady Di Tn said...

Steve, Thanks.

It was a very peaceful morning and much appreciated by me.

Thanks, the hill is still pretty even in it's dry conditions.

Lee said...

I've got Morning Glories growing here too...they are wonderful even if they are supposedly a weed.