Wednesday, April 30, 2008

When I saw this picture in our local free paper (The City Paper-Nashville's Daily Newspaper) I had to share it with the blogging world. This is the BEST picture I have seen of our artwork on the Cumberland River. It appeared in the April 24Th issue of The City Paper.
Beside the picture it read "Reader Barry Brechak captured this shot of Ghost Ballet that displays the Nashville skyline in an almost heart shaped frame." I added the stain glass frame to compliment his work.
The Kitty Justice is that I hope you enjoy Mr Brachak's view as much as I did.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The purple iris are always the first to appear. This group is in between the box woods on the left side of the front. I have others near the cabin which are the same kind, but they do not bloom until after the bronze which are planted in front of the box woods to the left of the front door.
I took these pictures after the rain had ceased for awhile on Sunday morning. If you enlarge the bronze iris you can see the rain drops.
The neighbors have a variety of iris that Brenda brought from her Mother's home. I will try to some pictures of them. When you come up the drive and look to your left you are greeted by those wonderful flowers.
This morning when I awoke and went into the kitchen, it was 34 degrees so I was really slow getting ready for the day. Burrr I thought we had gotten through the cold weather. Seems like my body does not adjust to cold weather as quickly since it has been in the eighties. I was really surprised to see Sam Cat prowling the house as he likes to stay under the covers in Mimi's room when it is this cool.
The Kitty Justice is that this is just one of those southern winters we have and if you look out you will see the locust trees in bloom. We have had Dogwood winter and Red bud winter so now we are in Locust winter. We southern like to give any little ole cold spell a name, just makes them more tolerable.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The elusive birds have finally been captured by Prince. Try as I might as soon as I appeared in the window, they would fly away and not return for awhile. The big white house on the hill to the left was built by Noah Liff.
There are two and the one on the back is the usual pose.
Mr. Pretty Bird is wondering what is in the window checking him out.

Mr. Pretty Bird is thinking "Huh, I know there is something there but what?"

Now if I turn my back, and look over my wing, it will go away.

Ah ha, I see you move Mr. Prince and I am gonna fly off until you disappear.
Lewis, Prince's father, marked with an "X" in the bird book kept in the kitchen drawer any bird that he had seen on the hill. In 1992, I was sitting at the kitchen table and along came this bird. I knew not what he was as I had never seen one before. I pulled out the bird book and located him and there was not an "X" by him so I proudly placed one and then the year.
So far each year this stately bird appears about this time. The longest they have ever stayed in a month. They stop by for a snack on their way to Canada from South America. The female looks like a female purple finch on steroids.
This year they appeared and for over a week we have been trying to take a picture. As soon as you get your camera out they fly away. I guess you can say they are camera shy.
They never fly straight to the feeder. First they land on the back side of the Holly tree and work their way around to the feeder. Usually they have a scout, who tests the area first and then the others will come down to feed. The year they stayed a month the weather was rather cool but as soon as it got hot, they were out of here.
Lewis never saw these beautiful birds but Noah kept his word to Lewis when he bought the land across the road. Lewis died in 1975, so he had sold the land to Noah years ago but in the last part of the twentieth century, Noah did as he promised. He built one house on the land he bought from Lewis. I bet when Noah met Lewis in Heaven, Lewis thanked him for being a man of his word.
The Kitty Justice that the pretty birds will be here only for a short time and that Noah kept his word even though Lewis had been gone a long time.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

This is my Japanese Maple that I planted near our horse block. Since we have no horses to ride, it does not matter that the little tree is so close.
The sun makes the leaves beautiful but today it is cloudy and the tree got a good bath and drink last night.

I was looking up as I stood underneath (Yes, I am that short) the little tree.

This award was given to me and others by dear Mary at "Mary's Writing Nook" Since both of us are farm girls planting is real dear to our hearts . Thanks.

This award was a true surprise and came by way of e-mail. Thank you, Deena at "Can I be Pretty in Pink." I do not use this term very often so here goes I admire Deena and she is a true inspiration.
Thanks again Ladies as you both are very important to me. If you have not read either ones blog I would highly suggest you venture over.
Back to the yard. Pammie Pooh called me and said a nursery near her was clearing out their inventory and would I like a Japanese Maple tree for (HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS) $10.00. Now I have aways thought those trees were wonderful so I was quit to say yes. I know a really good deal when I hear one.
It was a really tiny tree and I did not wish for it to be in the way of mowing so I looked about the yard for a SAFE place. No one uses the horse block so I began to dig on the other side of the first step.
I would have loved it out front of the windows but at the time, I had about five Hillery Hollies in between the box woods. The hot weather got all but 3 of them so I thought I will move them to the log cabin and put the maintenance free roses that Southern Living had featured. They did not like where I put them so they are now no longer with us and have been replaced with Hostas. Which I refer to as "deer candy." I have put up bird netting around all but two of the Hosta I have in the back and I must get some more netting before the rats on hooves get brave enough to come up to the porch.
Nashville's eighty degree weather has ceased for a while and today it is cool (54 degrees) and damp. It may get to the low sixty today. Good thing Prince finished his mowing before the rain came along last night.
Prince had to get up and close all the windows that Kitty had opened. I had door stops in place but one gust came through our bedroom window and slammed our door shut. That will wake you up.
Today the Music City Marathon is being held downtown. So the cool weather was a blessing for the runners. I can only imagine running that far.
The Kitty Justice is my Japanese Maple is safe from the John Deere but not where I really wanted it to grow.
I was so happy it survived the drought.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

This is my clematis on the right side of the garage door.
A closer look and if any one knows the name of the ground cover let me know. On one of Mimi's sewing club visit to Monteagle, she was given this by her friend, Opie. So I refer to it as Opie's ground cover.

The big plant is Gopher Purge and was suppose to protect your plants from moles and gopher as the roots of the plant is suppose to put out a unpleasant taste but the hill moles have not been affected. The ground cover was behind my Mother's house so I brought back as much as I could before we sold the house.

This is a close up of some of my Money plants. Each year I have more come up as they seem to be rather hardy. Do you see the bee?

I just scattered the seeds along the ground last fall and this year I have a row of Money under the rack.

More Money by the birdbath. The tree to the right is a white dog wood and it did not bloom very well this year.

Mother's lilac bush with a beautiful butterfly. There were two but I only captured one.

This is the dianthus which is in front of the purple heart which are in front of the two knock out pink rose bushes. These are in front of the house on the right side of the sidewalk.

I do not know the name of these either as Cousin Mary Eleven gave these to each family at the First Hurt Reunion in the late nineties. I did not get to attend due to my back problems so Aunt Karen gave me hers also. Yesterday, as I was walking Maggie, I heard the buzz and looked over and a female hummingbird was getting some nectar from these red flowers.

Close up of my pink dogwood. For such a little tree, it put out lots of blooms. Mimi's bought this for me when my Bradford Pear tree was knocked over by a huge tree that blown down across the drive. If it had been any taller it would have hit the house. The top landed at the front door. But I think the pear tree saved the boxwood's.
My little tree is tiny compared to Brenda and Steve's pink dogwood. It will grow and hopefully no tree will fall on it.

This is the apple tree out back that Ken would not let me put on the previous blog. Ken has also rejected some of the pictures I wanted to put on today but I would just pick another and not give up.

Closer look at the apple blossoms. We should have lots of apples. Enough for the raccoons and deer and us
Today I again worked in the yard and then came in to do domestic chores. I have added to my plants and got a dill plant, two lemon thyme and a variegated sage. Just what I needed but they did not have any red geraniums for the planters on the porch.
Yesterday I got out the cub and mowed the front yard. Prince and Puppy usually do this but with Prince having to work all hours and Puppy taking test, I knew Kitty needed to help out so I spent most of the day cutting grass and then I cleaned the potted plants that survived my neglectful attention this winter and placed them about the yard. Still have five plants too heavy for me to move outside.
It was in the eighties today and that is a little warm however as I was outside a nice breeze would blow now and then. I was spraying weed killer on the walk ways and on that darn old Irish ivy that Aunt Byrd brought back in her hat box from Edinburgh. Don't worry I could not kill it all if I wanted too. but I did not wish for it to climb back up to the roof again. It was on the highest part of the house so it had been neglected and let run wild.
Edward plans to bring dinner out this evening and all we have to do is cook some potatoes. I can do that. We cut them into wedges, and put a little oil and our favorite seasonings in a zip lock bag put the potato in the bag to coat them good and then cook them in the oven for about thirty minutes. It is best to soak the potato wedges in ice water and drain before you coat them.
Prince gets to start on something at five PM and I see he has been at it for ten minutes. I just hope he does not have to stay until the wee hours tonight.
I will try to get our guest pictures. I am speaking of the ones who have stopped by our feeders. Yes, the Rose Breasted Grosbeak are back.
The Kitty Justice is I might have to take a vacation to get over this Spring.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Look closely and you can see the little green cherries. This is from my Naking Cherry Bush. I planted them first in my little garden and they started to take over. So I gave away three and kept two. Brenda planted the one I gave her right beside my two that I kept and each spring a glorious white blooms welcome us. They are planted above my little garden and inbetween our houses.
This is the white dogwood tree that Brenda and Steve have lights on. Later the hostas and ferns will be solid green around the tree.

This is their pink dogwood tree. It was planted for our Cousin Steve and Nancy's First wedding anniversary by his father and step mom.

A close up of the flowers on the pink dogwood.

Another photo of the same tree.

To the left of the dogwood tree, is a row of thrift and some ground cover that Brenda has planted. Note the pineapple welcome.

Close up of the thrift and ground cover. Hope you can see it as it appears as a red x .

This is at the corner behind the thrift.

Down below the snail and in a triangle corner bed are these pretty purple flowers.

At the base of the big maple at the circle drive is the only kind of squirrel that we wished we had on the hill.
Blogger Ken would not let me post pictures of the apple trees and you may not get to see the close up of the thrift. To say Ken was slow would be an understatement. Trying to get him to post photos this evening was trying to pour VERY COLD molasses.
For part of Mimi birthday, I went around the yard starting in the orchard and then moving over to our neighbors yard to show her how the hill is looking. She is unable to manuver the hill so to let her see what is about and blooming either Prince or I take off with camera in hand.
The Kitty Justice is it is late and I need to prepare dinner (breakfast) so our walk will have to continue later.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Edward (Prince's little brother) and Mimi at Edward's birthday dinner.

Mimi working at Vanderbilt after she had graduated from Vanderbilt.

Mimi on the left and her big sister Lucy on the right.
Today is Mimi's Birthday and she is eighty-nine years young.
When she was only five years of age, her Mother died of breast cancer. So Lucy and she learned a lot by trial and error.
Mimi was a hootie when small. Case in point she would light roman candles and run through the house. She would climb a tree and hide from her sister when there was work to do. And the worse was she would put onions in her sisters shoes and Lucy was forever trying to keep them clean. Most of the time Mimi would put the onions in on Saturday night so Lucy would be in a dither to get them clean before Church.
All she will ever say about Vandy is that she was lucky to graduate. I think it is great that she can say she is a Vanderbilt Graduate.
Mimi is one of those southern ladies who raised to do the right thing. When she turned eighty I told her "You are eighty years old and you do not have to do anything you do not want to do." She has freely used this for the last nine years. We laugh each time she does.
The Kitty Justice is that most people would love to grow up and be like Mimi.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

While Maggie plays with any stick she can locate in the yard, her pallie yours truly has been hard at work.

Monday, I had to get caught up in the laundry room so Prince would have clean clothes to wear. Mine are still in the hamper as I did bed linens and towels.

Tuesday, I started my day with ladder, window cleaner and towels to complete the task of washing the eight big windows and nine small windows in front. Then I started weeding the front part of the yard. I came in and told Mimi that the window washing would be her birthday present. She will be eighty-nine this coming Monday.

Wednesday, I moved what plants I could pick up out of the basement. There are five awaiting either Puppy's or Prince's muscles. It will be whoever comes along with some extra time. Took Mimi to the grocery store and since she does not complain, I did not know her left hip was hurting her until we got there. So our trip was quick. I need to return today and pick up a few more items. She usually loves going to the grocery store, so I thought I was giving her an outing at the time. I will say it again for those who do not know. I HATE GOING TO THE GROCERY STORE. I finished my day out in the yard.

Thursday, I again began my day in the yard. I first started painting the bird bath with sealer since it was leaking. Next I took lopper in hand and cut away at offensive vines and unwanted bushes and trees. Again, I did more weeding and finished painting my over hundred year old stump between the cabin and house. I am not finished and when I complete the project which may be a year or two from now I will post the picture.

Yesterday, I took the loaded Silver Bullet up to Rick and Pammie's home, for us (RATHER HIM) to put my frames together for the show in January. I hope I was a help to him. He showed me a few tricks and tools as he put the frames together. His workshop is NEAT. Every item has a home of it's own. I stood there wishing our workshop looked only a faction as good as his. Yes, I was envious of his organization skills. He had made a few boxes that I drooled over and rubbed my hand across as I admired his talent. After he had them all done, he left Pammie and me to the madness of making plastic corners for the frames. Pammie made us a nice lunch after we finished the corners and we visited for awhile. Then it was load up and head home.

Dodie and Mr. Jim were coming up from Collinwood and we were going out to dinner. I got home just in time. Then the phone rang. It was Prince calling saying the network at the hospital had a problem and he did not know when he would get home. We were all disappointed in that fact. After a short visit here, we headed to the Mexican Restaurant only a mile from the house. We always get a good meal there and the cost is very reasonable. I gave them the painting I had done of their home and they were delighted to say the least. After they left, I headed downstairs determined to wait up for Prince. Midnight I gave up. He did not get home until four thirty and he has to go back today. Maybe after everyone gets a little sleep they will fix it.

The Kitty Justice is that my cat fuzz is gonna get a little rest today.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gil turned forty five this month.
Kitty and Prince did a " swing by" and picked Gil up in the Silver Bullet. All six feet five of him.

The enchanting Carol who never meets a stranger. David the King of Computer. Have a problem just ring him up and he can fix ANYTHING.

The Catfish House staff must have known this party of eleven would be a festive bunch so they put us in the back in a corner.

Mr. David clowning around. Prince has a shirt just like David's and I was happy Prince did not wear his. They need to start co-ordinating their shirts.

Pammie Pooh and Rick. This girl knows how to have fun and we laugh and laugh when we are together. Mr. Rick is the talented man who will put together my frames for "The Calendar Girl Show" in Jan 09.

Sorry Becky and Kim, Kitty shook the camera. Must have been all that laughter and sweet tea.

Mr. Gary is serious. Jeff is thinking what can I say to make him laugh?

Kitty, Prince, Gil and Carol posing for Becky.

The BABIES OF THE GROUP. Jeff and Kim are the youngest of the group. First Jeff and then the real baby, Kim.

Our little waitress was cute as a bug in a rug. All were teasing her but she held her ground. She agreed to sing "Happy Birthday" if Gil (6 ft 5 in) would stand in his chair. It was a DEAL.
Gil went home to Alabama to see his Mom on his real birthday so a week later, we planned to get together to celebrate.
Prince started calling and I of course prefer e mail. The first to say they would be there were the Babies, Jeff and Kim. We had not seen them in awhile so I was excited they could come. Jeff and I use to start rolling our quarters at the first of the year for the Ducks Unlimited get together. Then DU said our chapter was not contributing enough to their cause and closed us down. Ah, the powers that be always get in the way of a good time because of their greed.
Gary and Becky were the next to say that they would be happy to join the "celebration of 45". Now all you people out there must put on your ADMIRATION JACKET for Becky as she drives a real school bus. I think she must have nerves of steel and the patience's of a saint.
Pammie Pooh and Rick said that they would also be thrilled to come. Rick says that Pammie sits on G ready to go. The restaurant does not seat a party until everyone shows and they were the last ones in and it was COLD yet Mr. Rick was dressed like a teenager. Shorts and a jacket.
We had not heard from Carol or David and were being to wonder, when she advised that she had been sick and unable to eat but was ready to go now. She did not wish to say she was coming until she knew she could enjoy the evening. I have often been tempted to re name her Mz Bubbles but the name does not do justice. Her personality is by far more bubbly than the name.
We all enjoyed the catfish, Cole slaw (vinegar or mayonnaise) white beans, baked potatoes, french fries, hush puppies and my FAVORITE "fried okra." I always go off the diabetic diet train and order sweet tea. Now you know you cannot put enough splenda in it to make it taste like sweet tea. The sugar has to be added when it is hot and then you have SWEET TEA.
Everyone had a grand time and we closed the place down and took our party to the parking lot. Too COLD for that even with a jacket. As we were standing outside, I asked Kim if she remember my jacket. She was cute and said "You know I cannot remember anything." I proceeded to tell her it was the jacket that we had bought so many years ago on our Serious Shopping trip to Boise, Alabama. (At that time that was the closest outlet mall)
The Kitty Justice is I can still wear that seventeen year old purple jacket. However, I would say the real Kitty Justice is I am the oldest of the group but do not look like I am. Now, the ones who catch up with me this year, Mr. Rick and then Mr. David look much older than me. Gotcha Boys.