Friday, April 11, 2008

DUH! I am still feeling the effects of being put asleep for the test yesterday SO I was thinking about what I was gonna write and put the pictures on backward. Please drop down to the last picture and navigate upwards.

These are more of the trees going down the exit ramp to Highway 96.

These are the trees you encounter if you take the first exit off the bridge going to historical Franklin.

After you cross the bridge and look back you will see this wooden fence with the Redbuds blooming. These wooden fence are put sparsely throughout the Trace.

If the biker were to look to their left down upon Highway 96, this would be their view.If the biker were to look to their right down upon Highway 96 this would be their view.
If they were to stop and look down, this is the view they would encounter.
These are the same two biker who appeared in the other photo. They are heading to the Franklin side of the bridge from the Nashville side.
This is a view from the Nashville side but on the left side of the bridge which is not photograph very often as the right side of the bridge is where the overlook appears.
A closer look and see how tiny the biker appear.
This is the most popular photo taken from the Over look at the bridge. Usually some one will sit on the wall so bridge will be in the background. This is on the Nashville side.
This map is also posted showing you the entire length of the Natchez Trace.
These maps are posted along the trace showing you where you are at present. This one is at the Double Arch Bridge.
Here are some facts about the bridge from the map you can pick up at the beginning of your journey or along the way on the Trace.
The Double Arch Bridge was completed in 1994; received the Presidential Award for Design Excellence in 1995 for its innovative design that rises 155 feet above the valley and eliminates the use of spandrel columns. It is as milepost 438.0.
If you do not elect to visit Franklin which would be a sad thing as it is one of the most wonderful historical places to visit. You will pass Garrison Creek, Burns Branch, Water Valley Overlook , Gordon House Historic Site, Jackson Falls, Baker Bluff Overlook and Devil's Backbone State Natural Area plus others.
Then when you reach milepost 385.9 you are at Merriwether Lewis Site in 1809 At Grinder's Inn Meriwether Lewis, co-captain of the Lewis and Clark expedition and one-time governor of Louisiana Territory, died of gunshot wounds. The monument designed as a broken shaft marks his grave. Here are a 32-site campground, pioneer cemetery, picnic tables, ranger station, exhibits, restrooms and trails.
The Natchez Trace is a leisure drive without eye pollution (signs etc) or big trucks. No commercial vehicles are allowed on the trace. Radar is enforced but if you are in a hurry you need to take another route.
The Kitty Justice is you wish to know more, come on down and drive the Trace. OR you could come on up on the Trace.


Merle said...

Dear Lady Di ~~ Great photos again and interesting info. So what if we had to start at the bottom first. No
problem. Trees look lovely. Thanks for your comments and glad you liked the babies - they are so cute. I hope your little brother doesn't mind me sharing his jokes?? He finds some good ones. Take great care,my dear
friend. Loe, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Little Brother was delighted that I shared them with you and then you shared them with all your blogging pals.
It would be a pretty drive with lots of fun stops either end of the Trace that you start from. Peace

Greatfullivin said...

Your photos are always excellent. Thanks for all the info on the Trace. Sweetie and I travelled it once from Tupelo to Nashville, it is breathtakingly beautiful,but slow. We stopped and sat by a stream for a picnic. It was heavenly. No commercial vehicles is a big plus. Have a great day!

Mary said...

Lady Di,

What an awesome bridge and I would love to drive the Trace. I have been very close to it and wasn't aware it was there. Next time I'm in TN, I will definitely have to do this.

Thanks for the awesome photos. I love your corner of the world.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Wonderful! I appreciate the beauty of Spring and the history lesson. Thanks.

Lady Di Tn said...

That is the beauty of the Trace, a very leisure drive. Come and stroll it again sometimes. Thanks.

I am glad you enjoyed the Trace through my pictures and post. I hope you do come and travel the Trace as it is very Peaceful and abundant with wildlife.

Glad you enjoyed my attemps at history and the photo.

Peace to all.