Monday, April 21, 2008

Edward (Prince's little brother) and Mimi at Edward's birthday dinner.

Mimi working at Vanderbilt after she had graduated from Vanderbilt.

Mimi on the left and her big sister Lucy on the right.
Today is Mimi's Birthday and she is eighty-nine years young.
When she was only five years of age, her Mother died of breast cancer. So Lucy and she learned a lot by trial and error.
Mimi was a hootie when small. Case in point she would light roman candles and run through the house. She would climb a tree and hide from her sister when there was work to do. And the worse was she would put onions in her sisters shoes and Lucy was forever trying to keep them clean. Most of the time Mimi would put the onions in on Saturday night so Lucy would be in a dither to get them clean before Church.
All she will ever say about Vandy is that she was lucky to graduate. I think it is great that she can say she is a Vanderbilt Graduate.
Mimi is one of those southern ladies who raised to do the right thing. When she turned eighty I told her "You are eighty years old and you do not have to do anything you do not want to do." She has freely used this for the last nine years. We laugh each time she does.
The Kitty Justice is that most people would love to grow up and be like Mimi.


Marcel said...

Happy Birthday to Mimi. She looks so very nice in the photo with her son. She must be an amazing lady!

LZ Blogger said...
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LZ Blogger said...

I loved seeing the pictures (and the differnces in ages). Great story... except for that part about running through the house with Roman Candles. That sounds VERY scary to me! Great that she graduated from Vanderbilt!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mimi~ ~ jb///

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Happy 89th Birthday to Mimi! She sounds like she’s quite a gal!

Every best joy;
every best happiness;
every best expectation.
Every best dream;
every best thought;
every best kindness.
Every best hope;
every best wish;
be to Mimi.

By the way, dear Lady Di Tn, I neglected to thank you for the blog award you bestowed on Nick’s Bites last week. I do so now!

Susie said...

Great birthday tribute to Mimi! Loved seeing old pictures :)
She sounds like a terrific lady!

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Happy Birthday to Mimi. If I had known, I would have sent her a card. Eighty nine years is a milestone.

Take care and thanks for sharing so many fun things about Mimi. I enjoyed my visit, as always.


Merle said...

Dear Lady Di ~~ A very Happy Birthday to Mimi. I hope she has had a beautiful day.
The photos are lovely although she was a bit of a rascal when she was young.I love
you saying "you are 80 years old, now you only do whatever you want to do." That was
so nice and now at 89 she has reached a great age. Thanks for your comments Di, and I hope your painters turned up before the rain came. Prince is working very long hours at present. Take great care, my friend, Much love and a Hug for Mimi, Merle.

Greatfullivin said...

A great Big Happy Birthday to Mimi! 89 years, how great is that. I am wowed at her Vanderbilt education. Just think how hard that was 70 years ago. A HUGE tiara tip to Mimi! Loved the photos and the sibling antics!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thank you one and all for wishing Mimi a happy day. She had a good day and we plan to celebrate when her daughter comes up from Mississippi at the end of May.
Peace to all