Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gil turned forty five this month.
Kitty and Prince did a " swing by" and picked Gil up in the Silver Bullet. All six feet five of him.

The enchanting Carol who never meets a stranger. David the King of Computer. Have a problem just ring him up and he can fix ANYTHING.

The Catfish House staff must have known this party of eleven would be a festive bunch so they put us in the back in a corner.

Mr. David clowning around. Prince has a shirt just like David's and I was happy Prince did not wear his. They need to start co-ordinating their shirts.

Pammie Pooh and Rick. This girl knows how to have fun and we laugh and laugh when we are together. Mr. Rick is the talented man who will put together my frames for "The Calendar Girl Show" in Jan 09.

Sorry Becky and Kim, Kitty shook the camera. Must have been all that laughter and sweet tea.

Mr. Gary is serious. Jeff is thinking what can I say to make him laugh?

Kitty, Prince, Gil and Carol posing for Becky.

The BABIES OF THE GROUP. Jeff and Kim are the youngest of the group. First Jeff and then the real baby, Kim.

Our little waitress was cute as a bug in a rug. All were teasing her but she held her ground. She agreed to sing "Happy Birthday" if Gil (6 ft 5 in) would stand in his chair. It was a DEAL.
Gil went home to Alabama to see his Mom on his real birthday so a week later, we planned to get together to celebrate.
Prince started calling and I of course prefer e mail. The first to say they would be there were the Babies, Jeff and Kim. We had not seen them in awhile so I was excited they could come. Jeff and I use to start rolling our quarters at the first of the year for the Ducks Unlimited get together. Then DU said our chapter was not contributing enough to their cause and closed us down. Ah, the powers that be always get in the way of a good time because of their greed.
Gary and Becky were the next to say that they would be happy to join the "celebration of 45". Now all you people out there must put on your ADMIRATION JACKET for Becky as she drives a real school bus. I think she must have nerves of steel and the patience's of a saint.
Pammie Pooh and Rick said that they would also be thrilled to come. Rick says that Pammie sits on G ready to go. The restaurant does not seat a party until everyone shows and they were the last ones in and it was COLD yet Mr. Rick was dressed like a teenager. Shorts and a jacket.
We had not heard from Carol or David and were being to wonder, when she advised that she had been sick and unable to eat but was ready to go now. She did not wish to say she was coming until she knew she could enjoy the evening. I have often been tempted to re name her Mz Bubbles but the name does not do justice. Her personality is by far more bubbly than the name.
We all enjoyed the catfish, Cole slaw (vinegar or mayonnaise) white beans, baked potatoes, french fries, hush puppies and my FAVORITE "fried okra." I always go off the diabetic diet train and order sweet tea. Now you know you cannot put enough splenda in it to make it taste like sweet tea. The sugar has to be added when it is hot and then you have SWEET TEA.
Everyone had a grand time and we closed the place down and took our party to the parking lot. Too COLD for that even with a jacket. As we were standing outside, I asked Kim if she remember my jacket. She was cute and said "You know I cannot remember anything." I proceeded to tell her it was the jacket that we had bought so many years ago on our Serious Shopping trip to Boise, Alabama. (At that time that was the closest outlet mall)
The Kitty Justice is I can still wear that seventeen year old purple jacket. However, I would say the real Kitty Justice is I am the oldest of the group but do not look like I am. Now, the ones who catch up with me this year, Mr. Rick and then Mr. David look much older than me. Gotcha Boys.


Marcel said...

Gil has more guts than I do. I might have crawled under the chair but never stood on it.

Brandy said...

Haha I cant believe he stood in a chair, mine would not do that now and the oldest is twelve, but oh well. I just wanted to come by and say hello.

LZ Blogger said...

Lady Di ~ Looks like Kitty & Friends had a GREAT time.... thanks for the always NICE compliments on my last blog post. You're VERY Sweet! ~ Happy Birthday to Gil the birthday boy too! ~ jb///

Lady Di Tn said...

Gil told the little waitress "if she sang, he would stand on the chair during her performance." He kept his word when she called his bluff.

Maybe when he is forty five instead of twelve he will loose the inhabitions or he might be like Marcel and go under the chair.

We did have a FUN time and I am truthful about your blog. It is a GREAT read.

Peace to all

Small City Scenes said...

Fun fun fun!! Happy Bday to Gil.
You guys know how to throw a party. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

We did have a fun time. Peace.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

It looks like this group had a LOT of fun and that's what celebrating is all about. The food sounds delicious and that cute little girl that was your waitress knows how to have fun with her customers.

Take care and have a wonderful Friday.


Merle said...

Dear Di ~~ Wonderful photos of a fun celebration for Gil's birthday. No need to ask if he enjoyed himself as it seems you all did. Great photo of you and Prince. Thanks for your comments - that teacher got her students to make list that were to become so treasured. Good story. So you have been working in the garden for three days, so it must be looking good. Sorry I couldn't share some meals with you, but at least Prince does your dishes. Take care, Love,

Greatfullivin said...

OMG...This looks like such a fun fun party. I must say you and Prince make one handsome couple!.........and your skin, you have b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l- skin. Just glowing with party delight! Thanks for sharing this fun time with us!

Lady Di Tn said...

It is always fun to have a server who is fun to cut up with. Makes the meal much more pleasurable.
Gil had a great time and he deserves it after the recent divorce.


Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for the compliment. Gil had a grand time. He is such a polite and kind youngman. As we were waiting at the Catfish House for everyone to arrive, he jumped up and open the door for an elder lady on a walker before anyone else could step into action.
Yes, I am very lucky to have Prince to do the dishes. Wish other ladies were so lucky. The yard is a five acre job so three days of work has just put a dent in everything that needs doing.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. I think is the love for one another that makes us such a handsome couple. Thank you for the compliment. I have skin like my Mothers and she was blessed with pretty skin along with a Beautiful soul. She will have be gone ten years in Sept and I miss her more with each passing day.
Again, Thank you as we over fifty gals need a boost sometimes.