Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Look closely and you can see the little green cherries. This is from my Naking Cherry Bush. I planted them first in my little garden and they started to take over. So I gave away three and kept two. Brenda planted the one I gave her right beside my two that I kept and each spring a glorious white blooms welcome us. They are planted above my little garden and inbetween our houses.
This is the white dogwood tree that Brenda and Steve have lights on. Later the hostas and ferns will be solid green around the tree.

This is their pink dogwood tree. It was planted for our Cousin Steve and Nancy's First wedding anniversary by his father and step mom.

A close up of the flowers on the pink dogwood.

Another photo of the same tree.

To the left of the dogwood tree, is a row of thrift and some ground cover that Brenda has planted. Note the pineapple welcome.

Close up of the thrift and ground cover. Hope you can see it as it appears as a red x .

This is at the corner behind the thrift.

Down below the snail and in a triangle corner bed are these pretty purple flowers.

At the base of the big maple at the circle drive is the only kind of squirrel that we wished we had on the hill.
Blogger Ken would not let me post pictures of the apple trees and you may not get to see the close up of the thrift. To say Ken was slow would be an understatement. Trying to get him to post photos this evening was trying to pour VERY COLD molasses.
For part of Mimi birthday, I went around the yard starting in the orchard and then moving over to our neighbors yard to show her how the hill is looking. She is unable to manuver the hill so to let her see what is about and blooming either Prince or I take off with camera in hand.
The Kitty Justice is it is late and I need to prepare dinner (breakfast) so our walk will have to continue later.


Changes in the wind said...

So beautiful!! Spring sings loud at your place:)

Marcel said...

Very nice photos. I love dogwood trees. Sorry Ken is giving your troubles.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I love dogwood and the pink ones are especially beautiful.

I can see the photo. No little red x for me.

I love when you share your beautiful photos. Your blog always gives me a sense of tranquility. Thank you for being such a great friend. I have something for all my friends on tomorrow's post. Please be sure to drop over and pick up a copy.


Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. Today was in the eighties and a little warm for spring. Peace

Thanks. I would really be hard pressed to pick only one tree as I have never met one I did not like. However, a Mimosa would be on the bottom of my list. Ken is like that some times. Peace

Tomorrow I have to get around to all the blogs to read what I have been missing. Glad you could see the picture. I do not know why Ken does that some times. What a nice thing to say about the photos giving you a sense of tranquility. Thank you.