Thursday, April 03, 2008

This award was bestowed on me and others by our fellow blogger "Greatfullivin" Thank you for the honor. I just love the little dog.
Monty rules at Prince's little brothers house. He was a walk on and I think he was a really smart cat to pick out their home to rule.

Pepper, Ed's best friend always finds where the sun is coming into the house. Ed is Prince's little brother.

Prince picked these flowers at the farm house for our luncheon on Monday. They usually have doubles on a stem but some of these had four blooms per stem. Can you smell them as they have a truly Heavenly scent?
Pepper will be unhappy the next couple of days as it is suppose to Rain and then Rain some more. There will not be a sunny spot for her to lay.
I awoke this morning to rumbling of thunder and then a big downpour of rain and I was tugging on my left ear like a two year old child. I have suffered from ear aches all my life and you would think by age 58 I would have outgrown them. Any blogger out there have a good remedy for ear aches?
The Kitty Justice is I feel like something Monty might have drug into the house and just left on the floor for some unsuspecting being to step into.
Hope y'all are having a good Thursday.


Marcel said...

Nice flowers. Sorry about the earache. I seldom get one, but I have been known to lie on my side and pour in just a little rubbing alcohol as this cleans and disinfects the inner ear. This is something that we were taught to do if you get an earache while scuba diving.

Greatfullivin said...

The flowers are gorgeous! Yes I can smell them. Sorry about your ear. I read Marcel's comment and the alcohol will also evaporate any water in the ear. We have always used a couple drops of warmed sweet oil in the ear with a piece of cotton to loosely plug the ear. This will loosen any wax build up. Reflexology says get something sterile to bite down on, cheescloth works well. Put it on the last tooth on the side your earache is on and bite down very hard for 5 minutes, do this every couple hours until the pain is gone. Good luck. An ear can be quite painful, I hope you are soon feeling better. BTW, you are quite deserving of the award, I love your attitude! Hugs!

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I LOVE your flowers that Prince picked. What a gorgeous showing.

Oh, talk about earaches. I have suffered from ear infections all of my life and it often turns to swimmer's ear. As Marcel suggested, I use either rubbing alcohol or peroxide. Earaches are often preceded by itching. As soon as the ear begins to itch, use either the rubbing alcohol or the peroxide. It prevents the infection.

Dad used to put mineral oil in our ears if we had an earache, so greatfullivin' had given good advice as well. Try these things until you find something that will work for you. Sometimes blowing a little warm air from a hairdryer indirectly into the ear helps as well.

Love the award. I also received it and was very honored.

Take care, my friend. Hope you are feeling better soon.


Corn Dog said...

Awww, cute pictures of the animals. Monte looks like a card.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for the remedy and I have been using a little alcohol on a Qtip when I was my hair in case I got any water in my ears but alas not enough. I will begin pouring it in instead of dabbing.Peace

I had forgotten the sweet oil until you mentioned it. Next time I am in town I will pick some up. I was unaware that Reflexology was for anything but feet. Learning all the time and I will keep that in mind the next time the old ear hurts. Actually I am hoping there will not be a next time. Peace

After I posted yesterday I went and put peroxide in my ear and took some aspirin. The ear was painful all day. About six pm it eased and I got up and did a few chore. I really had forgotten about the hair dryer as I had read about it before but sure wish I had remembered yesterday. Today it feels like a giant ball is inside it but it is only aching not hurting. Prince told me last night that it was actually swollen on the left side. I will be more aware of the warning signs and thank you. Peace

Those little animals are adorable and I search them out each time I visit. Peace