Thursday, April 24, 2008

This is my clematis on the right side of the garage door.
A closer look and if any one knows the name of the ground cover let me know. On one of Mimi's sewing club visit to Monteagle, she was given this by her friend, Opie. So I refer to it as Opie's ground cover.

The big plant is Gopher Purge and was suppose to protect your plants from moles and gopher as the roots of the plant is suppose to put out a unpleasant taste but the hill moles have not been affected. The ground cover was behind my Mother's house so I brought back as much as I could before we sold the house.

This is a close up of some of my Money plants. Each year I have more come up as they seem to be rather hardy. Do you see the bee?

I just scattered the seeds along the ground last fall and this year I have a row of Money under the rack.

More Money by the birdbath. The tree to the right is a white dog wood and it did not bloom very well this year.

Mother's lilac bush with a beautiful butterfly. There were two but I only captured one.

This is the dianthus which is in front of the purple heart which are in front of the two knock out pink rose bushes. These are in front of the house on the right side of the sidewalk.

I do not know the name of these either as Cousin Mary Eleven gave these to each family at the First Hurt Reunion in the late nineties. I did not get to attend due to my back problems so Aunt Karen gave me hers also. Yesterday, as I was walking Maggie, I heard the buzz and looked over and a female hummingbird was getting some nectar from these red flowers.

Close up of my pink dogwood. For such a little tree, it put out lots of blooms. Mimi's bought this for me when my Bradford Pear tree was knocked over by a huge tree that blown down across the drive. If it had been any taller it would have hit the house. The top landed at the front door. But I think the pear tree saved the boxwood's.
My little tree is tiny compared to Brenda and Steve's pink dogwood. It will grow and hopefully no tree will fall on it.

This is the apple tree out back that Ken would not let me put on the previous blog. Ken has also rejected some of the pictures I wanted to put on today but I would just pick another and not give up.

Closer look at the apple blossoms. We should have lots of apples. Enough for the raccoons and deer and us
Today I again worked in the yard and then came in to do domestic chores. I have added to my plants and got a dill plant, two lemon thyme and a variegated sage. Just what I needed but they did not have any red geraniums for the planters on the porch.
Yesterday I got out the cub and mowed the front yard. Prince and Puppy usually do this but with Prince having to work all hours and Puppy taking test, I knew Kitty needed to help out so I spent most of the day cutting grass and then I cleaned the potted plants that survived my neglectful attention this winter and placed them about the yard. Still have five plants too heavy for me to move outside.
It was in the eighties today and that is a little warm however as I was outside a nice breeze would blow now and then. I was spraying weed killer on the walk ways and on that darn old Irish ivy that Aunt Byrd brought back in her hat box from Edinburgh. Don't worry I could not kill it all if I wanted too. but I did not wish for it to climb back up to the roof again. It was on the highest part of the house so it had been neglected and let run wild.
Edward plans to bring dinner out this evening and all we have to do is cook some potatoes. I can do that. We cut them into wedges, and put a little oil and our favorite seasonings in a zip lock bag put the potato in the bag to coat them good and then cook them in the oven for about thirty minutes. It is best to soak the potato wedges in ice water and drain before you coat them.
Prince gets to start on something at five PM and I see he has been at it for ten minutes. I just hope he does not have to stay until the wee hours tonight.
I will try to get our guest pictures. I am speaking of the ones who have stopped by our feeders. Yes, the Rose Breasted Grosbeak are back.
The Kitty Justice is I might have to take a vacation to get over this Spring.


Corn Dog said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. You do have the green thumb, Kitty.

Small City Scenes said...

Wowee!!! Is it summer there??? We had a little snow today--wet stuff with rain and hail and just being cold. Nothing blooming like that here yet. Isn't it funny how we take for granted that everyone is like us--with weather etc. This blogging is a great geography lesson and I'm lovin' it.
You have beautiful plants and trees and just a beautiful area to live in. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. I can give Pa Christian and Mama Kirby the credit for inheriting the green thumb. I still cannot get things to grow on rocks like Mother could. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

After I worked in the yard yesterday, I would say it was summer too. But so far the breeze has countered the heat. We only have fans going and a few windows open for a cross breeze.

Yes you are correct about the weather. Living it makes it hard to think of it being different other places but the blogs have put it in perpective.
Have a wonderful Friday and hope your weekend is grand.

Marcel said...

You obviously have a green thumb which makes me a little green with envy. I’m glad you like the Fred’s Creek photos. Still more too come.

Lady Di Tn said...

I guess I do have a green thumb that was inherited from the Christian side of the family. Looking forward to more photo.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I enjoyed all of your beautiful photos. I love the dogwood and the lilacs. Your clematis is lovely. I have one that is a darker purple color. It is just sending out leaf sprouts right now, but it will be blooming before I know it. April went so fast.

I shocked hubby today by telling him it was only 8 months until Christmas. He gave me a look that would have killed. He is tired of winter and of course Christmas means cold weather in our part of the country.

I think you little red flowers might be Sweet William. I could be wrong though. I am not a plant expert, but it looks very similar to the pink Sweet William I grew a couple of years ago. Mine suffered winter kill and never came back.

Take care, my friend. Enjoy your weekend. If the weather holds out, I will be working in my garden. I'm wanting to get it all cleaned up and ready for planting in the latter part of May.


Jeanette said...

WOW! Simply beautiful.
The colours in your garden, and the perfume must be devine. Just love the vivid red flowers.
Ill post the wheel barrow again soon its growing well.

SweetAnnee said...

Slap me if you want , but the money plant looks like good ole
Dame's Rocket..Will you send ME some
seeds when it's time??

love ya

Brandy said...

Oh my ms kitty (lol i just realized what I typed and it sounds funny, like the old west or something) what georgeous flowers! I wish I could get flowers to grow, I just kill them all :( not on purpose, but everything I touch, dies. My husband, kids, everyone knows this, so if they buy flowers the say dont touch it. About my background, I was born much later than I should have been. I love the dresses from I Love Lucy, I would have loved the sixties and seventies, I wish I had been around for woodstock. The clothes, the music. I also like the whole southern belle era to. I like to dress up. Well I hope you have a great weekend!

Merle said...

Dear Lady Di ~~ Loved all the photos and your lovely plants and trees. I
especially like the Clematis- great.
Glad the weather is nice for you and that Prince got a day off. Good to get the mowing done. Thanks for your comments, glad you liked the picture of my mother and the jokes etc. I agree that Jerry's blog is so good, lovely photos and all the info he gives us. Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

LOL I did the same thing to Mimi as you did to your hubby. Her exact words "I do not want to hear it." I have a dark purple clemetis on the back side and some years it climbs all the way to the top porch leaving behind a trail of purple.
I guess you can tell by all my flowers what my favorite colors happen to be>
I sure hope you get a change to work outside and get the garden done.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. Please post it again soon as I am gonna be a Copy Cat because Prince located an old one down on the farm. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. I see you must be a fan of "Gunsmoke" too. I grew up on that show and "I Love Lucy." Back when tv had good writer and clean comedy. The only reality show I will watch is American Idol and I do not like the first part of it. I like when it hits Hollywood. It is wonderful to see all this fresh young talent. Nuf said I will off the soap box. Thanks again for your visit. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. The irises are beginning to bloom and when it clears up because it rained last night with showers today, I will capture some on film. OOPs showing my age, I meant memory card. I have just started painting parrots and would love some more photo showing them if you please.
Have you ever did the same thing with parrots as your Mother?
Peace and Thanks for all the laughter.

Lady Di Tn said...

You are more than welcome to some seeds so just send me your address by email. I have never heard them called Dame's Rocket just money plants. That is nice to know. Thanks.

Forgot to say Thanks for the name of the little red flowers. I guess our winters are not as cold so mine come back each year so far. They did thin out alot from the drought last summer. Peace