Saturday, April 26, 2008

This is my Japanese Maple that I planted near our horse block. Since we have no horses to ride, it does not matter that the little tree is so close.
The sun makes the leaves beautiful but today it is cloudy and the tree got a good bath and drink last night.

I was looking up as I stood underneath (Yes, I am that short) the little tree.

This award was given to me and others by dear Mary at "Mary's Writing Nook" Since both of us are farm girls planting is real dear to our hearts . Thanks.

This award was a true surprise and came by way of e-mail. Thank you, Deena at "Can I be Pretty in Pink." I do not use this term very often so here goes I admire Deena and she is a true inspiration.
Thanks again Ladies as you both are very important to me. If you have not read either ones blog I would highly suggest you venture over.
Back to the yard. Pammie Pooh called me and said a nursery near her was clearing out their inventory and would I like a Japanese Maple tree for (HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS) $10.00. Now I have aways thought those trees were wonderful so I was quit to say yes. I know a really good deal when I hear one.
It was a really tiny tree and I did not wish for it to be in the way of mowing so I looked about the yard for a SAFE place. No one uses the horse block so I began to dig on the other side of the first step.
I would have loved it out front of the windows but at the time, I had about five Hillery Hollies in between the box woods. The hot weather got all but 3 of them so I thought I will move them to the log cabin and put the maintenance free roses that Southern Living had featured. They did not like where I put them so they are now no longer with us and have been replaced with Hostas. Which I refer to as "deer candy." I have put up bird netting around all but two of the Hosta I have in the back and I must get some more netting before the rats on hooves get brave enough to come up to the porch.
Nashville's eighty degree weather has ceased for a while and today it is cool (54 degrees) and damp. It may get to the low sixty today. Good thing Prince finished his mowing before the rain came along last night.
Prince had to get up and close all the windows that Kitty had opened. I had door stops in place but one gust came through our bedroom window and slammed our door shut. That will wake you up.
Today the Music City Marathon is being held downtown. So the cool weather was a blessing for the runners. I can only imagine running that far.
The Kitty Justice is my Japanese Maple is safe from the John Deere but not where I really wanted it to grow.
I was so happy it survived the drought.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

We are looking for a tree to replace our ornamental cherry and this tree is so pretty. Do you know how tall it will grow?

Enjoyed my visit, as always and congratulations on the awards. You are very deserving.


Small City Scenes said...

I read your whole story and it just about wore me out. Whew!! the Clematis looks like a Nelly Moser. Similar anyway. Congrats on your nice awards. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

The Japanese Maple is a real slow growing tree and it may get 15 ft. tall in its lifetime. Mine was a tiny 2 ft tree and it is about 8 ft now and Puppy was a small child when Pammie told me about her find. They were about $50 a tree back then so you can see why I jumped on the Price of $10. I will post one later in the week that was planted in the 1920 so you can see that they are not very big tree even at that age.

I am glad you read the whole story even if it did wear you out. Thanks for the name and it is close enough for me to call it Nelly

Peace to you both.

Merle said...

Dear Lady Di ~~ Congrats on your new awards. Your maple tree is lovely. I have one too but it is green and it
turns beautifully in Autumn. (Fall)
It is just starting to get the color.
I will post some photos one day soon.
Take care, Love, Merle.