Saturday, April 19, 2008

While Maggie plays with any stick she can locate in the yard, her pallie yours truly has been hard at work.

Monday, I had to get caught up in the laundry room so Prince would have clean clothes to wear. Mine are still in the hamper as I did bed linens and towels.

Tuesday, I started my day with ladder, window cleaner and towels to complete the task of washing the eight big windows and nine small windows in front. Then I started weeding the front part of the yard. I came in and told Mimi that the window washing would be her birthday present. She will be eighty-nine this coming Monday.

Wednesday, I moved what plants I could pick up out of the basement. There are five awaiting either Puppy's or Prince's muscles. It will be whoever comes along with some extra time. Took Mimi to the grocery store and since she does not complain, I did not know her left hip was hurting her until we got there. So our trip was quick. I need to return today and pick up a few more items. She usually loves going to the grocery store, so I thought I was giving her an outing at the time. I will say it again for those who do not know. I HATE GOING TO THE GROCERY STORE. I finished my day out in the yard.

Thursday, I again began my day in the yard. I first started painting the bird bath with sealer since it was leaking. Next I took lopper in hand and cut away at offensive vines and unwanted bushes and trees. Again, I did more weeding and finished painting my over hundred year old stump between the cabin and house. I am not finished and when I complete the project which may be a year or two from now I will post the picture.

Yesterday, I took the loaded Silver Bullet up to Rick and Pammie's home, for us (RATHER HIM) to put my frames together for the show in January. I hope I was a help to him. He showed me a few tricks and tools as he put the frames together. His workshop is NEAT. Every item has a home of it's own. I stood there wishing our workshop looked only a faction as good as his. Yes, I was envious of his organization skills. He had made a few boxes that I drooled over and rubbed my hand across as I admired his talent. After he had them all done, he left Pammie and me to the madness of making plastic corners for the frames. Pammie made us a nice lunch after we finished the corners and we visited for awhile. Then it was load up and head home.

Dodie and Mr. Jim were coming up from Collinwood and we were going out to dinner. I got home just in time. Then the phone rang. It was Prince calling saying the network at the hospital had a problem and he did not know when he would get home. We were all disappointed in that fact. After a short visit here, we headed to the Mexican Restaurant only a mile from the house. We always get a good meal there and the cost is very reasonable. I gave them the painting I had done of their home and they were delighted to say the least. After they left, I headed downstairs determined to wait up for Prince. Midnight I gave up. He did not get home until four thirty and he has to go back today. Maybe after everyone gets a little sleep they will fix it.

The Kitty Justice is that my cat fuzz is gonna get a little rest today.


Marcel said...

Have a good rest today and I hope next week is a bit more relaxing.

Lady Di Tn said...

Before it started raining, I did take the clipper and cut back as much as I could for the painter. The houses are to be painted next week. So with worker about I will not be out working in the yard.
Have a great weekend. I am off to read blogs.

Small City Scenes said...

I have got to go sit down!!! I am plumb worn out after hearing about your week. hehe.
I don't know about this April snow. We have never had it before. We are setting all kinds of records. Big deal, I say. I did go get some bedding plants I had planed to fill containers this weekend. Now everything is covered with snow. And it is cold out. Brrr. The dogs love it though the cats say NONONO.

Lady Di Tn said...

My Grandma Woodard had this complusive cleaning disorder and also she had a quest to do everything in one day. Sometimes that gene hits Kitty up side the head and I wear myself out.
Maggie is barking so maybe Prince has gotten home. The network at the hospital went down and he did not get home until 4:30 this morning and went back at 11Am and here it is after 10pm. I need to go see what he looks like.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Does all that you’ve been doing mean that Spring is finally here?

B said...

Just reading this makes me want to get my hands in the dirt...only here it's mud! I love the picture of your dog chewing the sticks....our little Sheltie does the same here. Thanks for your frequent visits to my blog...and your comments. You inspire me to return the favors! Billie

Merle said...

Dear Lady Di ~~ You sure have been busy and getting so much done too. I hope your painter comes on time and all will look great again. Sorry Prince had such a long shift at work.
Thank you for your comments and for thinking of Vicki. I just hope the meds work as they hope they will. She is just older than my 2 girls. I like your 'resting' at the computer.I hope Mimi has a wonderful birthday tomorrow and that her hip isn't too painful. Take care, my friend, and don't overdo yourself. Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Yes Spring is officially here and I declare that iit is. So if Kitty says it so then it is. Of course we will have some of those nasty little winters. dogwood, blackberry, locust and we will shiver a bit but they never last long. I am just happy to see the fruit trees survived and we will have fruit this year. Unfortunately one of my cherry trees bit the dust. Still have four left. Yummy cherry pie and cherry perserves are just waiting to be made.

Lady Di Tn said...

I do not know about your sheltie but Maggie will head for the woods to retrive a stick to play with. She piles them up near the snowball bush and we take them off and she will bring more back. A game of sorts. Since, I come from farmer stock, digging in the dirt is therapy for me. As stated very often I just love your blog. You say it no other could. Thanks

Lady Di Tn said...

Hospital have to have the network so they had to get it up and running. I do not pretend to know the proper names for what they were doing so I just call it network. He may have to go in again today but I hope he gets to stay home and rest. I may have to call Puppy to come help with the tree clipping and hauling off the debris.
And I thought I was suppose to rest on Sunday.
Peace be with you.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Alex and I are beginning to really enjoy Spring. I must admit that we have done no Spring cleaning, other than setting out the deck furniture, of course.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

You have been a busy lady and deserve to have a day off. I'm sorry that Mimi's hip is hurting her.

Meeko also searches out any stick he can find and flips and chases it all over the yard. He can entertain himself like that for hours. Enjoyed the photos of Maggie.

Take care and remember that everything doesn't have to be done in one day. I do hope Prince got everything done so he doesn't have the same problem to contend with this week.


Jeanette said...

Hi Lady Di, Thank for the award I really appreciate it,
Wow you have been busy spring must be well on the way there,and sorry to hear Mimi's hips hurting I hope she get some relief for it so she doent have to suffer the pain...

Anonymous said...

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Lady Di Tn said...

I need to come stay with you and Alex since all your spring cleaning is sitting on the deck. I would love to do that.

Our dogs are very entertaining with only a stick. Spring has gotten here like a roller coaster going down hill. It will be summer before we know it. Whenever, I get it all done I will sit back and relax during the hot weather. The irises are buding and the clematis is blooming. So far we have had a nice breeze to do our work outside and the birds are abduant with their singing. Peace

your welcome and Mimi does not complain so I never know she is in pain unless she speaks out like when I took her to the store. Today she is 89.Peace

Thanks for visiting and ya'll come back. Peace