Saturday, November 01, 2008

WHAT BIG EARS YOU HAVE MIZ BRENDA? I thought this a cute bird bath that Miz Kitty's hoomins have out front.
My Turks Cap is still in bloom but all the hummers who were eating the nectar are gone until next spring.

It is hard to believe that my geraniums on the porch are still in bloom. We had two nights last week near freezing.
Tonight we go off daylight savings time. The change back is the time I grew up with and my body clock will be happy that it has returned to normal time. I do not like switching times. It is medically proven it is not healthy to get out of your routine. Even and hour can make you sluggish. We get to add an extra hour of sleep if you need it tonight. Remember Fall Back and Spring Forward.
The Kitty Justice if you do not change your clocks you will be EARLY tomorrow. One Sunday, my BIL and Darrell Waltrip (Nascar)were the only ones in the Church parking lot. I guess DW drove to fast. heehee


Lilli & Nevada said...

I still have a few flowers that are still blooming and our temps have been down in the freeze mark so they are pretty strong and healthy, snapdragons seem to do the best in cold weather here

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Even my Mums have been frost bitten and are looking a bit on the weary side. All the other flowers are done for the year, except one blanket flower that continues to send out one bloom at a time. It is close to the house and well protected.

It was a lovely day today. We needed jackets but the sun was shining and hubby and I enjoyed being outdoors for a while.

Love your geraniums. Have a great weekend.

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ Love your geranium and are they Elephant Ears in the one with the birdbath? They look like they are. I love them and the frost cuts them back, then they grow again and the extreme heats knocks them again. Glad
you enjoyed the Wings story and then the jokes. I agree you can't fix stupid!!
Take great care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you have a few blooms to greet you when you go outside. Peace

Glad to hear at least one little bloom keeps brighten your lawn. The geraniums have been rather pretty this year. They are one of my favorite flowers to put out for spring and summer and now I can add fall. Peace

Thanks. Yes those are Elephant Ears and they are huge. I had some that Mother gave me but I tried leaving them out one year and the cold weather did them in. Peace