Thursday, November 19, 2009

I got an email with photos of things from the past. I sure do miss the days of full service gas stations. A smiling attendant would come to your window and smile and ask what he could do for you today and you could then tell him how much gasoline you would like to purchase. He would then begin to pump your gas and as it flowed into your tank, he would wash your front and back windows for you. After the gas was pumped, he would come back and tell you how much you owed. If you did not have the correct change, he would take your money and return with your change. I had to go put gasoline in the silver bullet today and all the time I was pumping gas, I wished for a full service station.
This is my Turks Cap. Yep. I cut her back and she is still blooming. I do not think it has every lasted this long. The hummers love it and during the summer, I can look off the top porch to see it's pretty flowers and visitors having a sip.

I sure will be glad when Maggie's nose looks like this again. Last week, she got into a nest of some kind of stinging critters. Her head and muzzle swelled up and I gave her some Benadryl and it came back down to normal size, but her nose kept getting worse and she was digging like crazy with her back paw. It then began to bleed. I called the vet and was told to mix some baking soda with warm water and use a compress and hold it on her nose. She was very good about letting me do this and the scabs came off and I proceed to put neosporin on the raw nose as instructed. She just would not leave it along with both the front and back paws so Puppy went to the pet store and now the poor darling is a cone head. However, this morning it was looking better. Also, I was under dosing the dog with the Benadryl. You can give a puddy dog 1mg per pound that they weigh. Therefore she can have 3 benadryl twice a day.
Since Maggie's encounter with bugs that STING, I have once again incorporated walking her on the leasch.
The Kitty Justice is to wish for the luxury of a full service gas station, flowers to brighten the day and a dog with a well nose.


Small City Scenes said...

When I first met my husband he was working at a gas station while going to school. Full Service!! Where has all the time gone.
Oh Poor pup. I hope she is healing. Isn't that Neosporin great! MB

Lady Di Tn said...

So you REALLY have a fondness for full service stations. Maggie nose is better but she may have scars. Peace