Saturday, November 14, 2009

Leaving the Hill. Check out those tail pipes.
What shiny wheels you have? These could make some men drool.

This is what you see when I get up close to your back window. Heehee.

Side view of my temporary truck.

This is Steve Bass the owner of the truck. I had taken the silver bullet (my Buick) over on Thursday for him to see about fixing the shimmy when I get a lead foot and it was gonna need more time than I had hoped for them to fix it.
Steve came in and sat down and told me what was wrong with the silver bullet and it was a part that could break loose and the it would go one way while I was going the other way. So not wanting the the following written in my death notice "The silver bullet went left when Kitty Justice was trying to go right." I asked if he could fix it. He said sure he could and I could take his truck and go anywhere I wished. Now knowing how Men love their trucks I asked " You would trust me with your truck?" He grinned and said" SURE, I will lend you my truck but not my Harley." So I agreed to take the man's truck while he worked on the silver bullet. Before I went out the door, he said just keep the truck overnight as I have a ride home. As I climbed into the truck and tried to adjust the seat because it was set at six feet man length, Stanley (a older man who is extremely nice and a new grandpa) took pity on me and came out and adjusted it for me. I thanked him and then cranked her up. Whoa!! It did not start but ROARED from those twin tail pipes. Each time I slowed for a traffic light or had to slow down, and then stompted the gas, it would roar away and I would smile and go back to the seventies. The first car I owned was a 1973 Nova and my little brother talked me into twining her out and putting a glass pack muffler on her. My little Nova did not have the power of this 350 so I was enjoying the ride. Going back to my youth each time I pressed the gas pedal. Ah, I will not give you fact just that time travel has never been so much fun.
I did not take the man's truck anywhere but the grocery and gas station. As I was driving this memorabilia machine, I did not recognize as I went down the road it was saying , one gallon, two gallon, etc. etc.
Now as soon as I pulled her into the garage, the telephone started ringing and I had six new friends all wanting me to move them with my new found truck. The next day I lost these friends when I returned the truck to the owner. LOL
I did take the interstate and had a wonderful ride back to his business with the window rolled down. Gotta hear the ROAR.
The kitty justice is CUSTOMER SERVICE is alive and well at Bass Tire. When I returned the keyes and told him I had such a blast from the past, he told me his truck was available anytime, I needed a lift.


Small City Scenes said...

What a nice, nice man and super cool truck. Ah yes I used to love to hear the roar of those big V-8s. Lucky you!!!
Well I'd rather be in the truck than on the Harley anyway. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Steve is one of those business owners that other should try to emulate. I was much better off in the truck. I would have had to decline the Harley. Peace

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

Well that was a nice thing. I am happy you got to relive some of the youthful feelings again.

Patty said...

What a nice man, he trusted you with his truck. LOL Most men wouldn't trust a femal with his precious truck. Even though most females can drive as good if not better than most men.

Happy week-end.

Maria said...

Wow, you had great fun driving the cool truck!
Happy weekend!

Mary said...

Lady Di,

That is REAL customer service and yes, those babies do ROAR. I'm glad you had fun. Such convenience to be able to have the truck overnight.

Not long ago, hubby took the van in to be repaired and the garage loaned him an old Ford just like the one I had in the 70s. It was fun taking that trip down Memory Lane.

Enjoy your weekend.

Changes in the wind said...

A flash from the past is always good for the heart....if only more people really cared like this man did.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Delightful story, K.J.! May I assume that the silver bullet is now safe and very sound?

Lady Di Tn said...

Ah, youth is wasted on the young. Peace

Steve's wife Kim can drive a truck better than most so maybe that is why he trusts females with his truck. Our sons were in the same class and on field trips she would amaze the rest of us backing into spots made for smaller cars. Peace

It was fun and great to feel twenty again. Peace

He is a really nice guy but so is his whole family. It was very fun to go triping down memory lane without any help. LOL Peace

Steves actions are a good example for others. Nothing like a roaring truck to get the youth blood pumping. Peace

Yep, the silver bullet is back in service and running really good. Peace