Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sunday afternoon I finally removed summer from the pots and then cut pine, magnolia and holly to decorate the porch. This is the end of the porch that we look out from our kitchen so of course I decorate it more than the other parts.

I placed three old farm discoveries on the table for the bird to light upon.
In the big vase near the dining room windows, I put a block of wood along with pine cones upon it and some greenery. Above this arrangement where the fern summered is now a bird feeder.

Closer look at the center of the arrangement.

I put a round feeder in the center of this pot and surrounded it with nuts from the yard and greenery with one well placed stick for the bird to use as a resting place.
I noticed yesterday afternoon, that the little chipmunks have discovered the seeds and nuts in the pot.

Inside this pot, I put a large clay saucer with seeds, nuts , and pine cones and then place a nice stick and greenery for the birds. Alas, this titmouse would rather use the pole. Maybe later he will enjoy my efforts.
I was wondering why as I was taking photos that the birds would grab a seed and then fly away. Then I glanced down and saw Maggie's presents.
The Kitty Justice is no matter how still I was taking the photos, the birds would not stay long because of my black companion.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

You did an absolutely fabulous job. I'm sure you will have many bird visitors in the coming days. Love that little titmouse. He is gorgeous.

Wishing you a happy day.

Changes in the wind said...

Nice....really nice. Love using the things in nature for decorating.

Lady Di Tn said...

Martha Stewart has nothing on Kitty Justice. LOL Thanks and Peace

Thanks. The birds have really been using my offerings which makes me very happy. Maybe, they will provide a photo opt soon. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

My you have been a busy one. the birds and little creatures will be so thankful and also you will enjoy their antics. MB

Patty said...

From the looks of the photos, you are quite a crafty lady. Thanks for your visits and comments. Happy week-end.