Monday, June 14, 2010

Great Tragedy. Yesterday I turned on the coffee pot and nothing happen. My cup started off empty. The bad thing, we had to go to Wally world for a new coffee pot. The good thing is that it was not during the week and the pot died on the weekend.
This is my Senior prom dress that I wore back in 1968. It got wet during the flood and I had to wash it and hung it in the garage to dry. Puppy came over and wanted to know whose shirts were hanging in the garage. I had to explain that these were my dresses that Mother made for me. He took a second look as he could not believe I had worn something so short and small. I told him Mother had made my prom dress and he indicated that it cost lots less than what girls wore today.

No matter how much you water plants during this hot weather with heat indexes over one hundred, you are lucky they survive. This one did not.
The kitty justice it is Monday Ramblings and those of you who do not drink coffee do not understand the Great Tragedy of a dead coffee pot.


Small City Scenes said...

Oh my gosh!! A broken coffee pot. Will life go on as we know it??? I feel your pain.

Love the prom dress--mine was similar only no sleeves.

You guess a horse thing causing Kylees hair to jump in the air and you were right. YAY!!


Merle said...

Hi Dianne ~~ I don't drink coffee, but can imagine the disaster it would be for you and the family. Glad
you got a new machine.
It is funny how our kids cannot imagine we were ever young or had lives before them. Your dress is
lovely. Your mother did well making
your clothes. Glad you enjoyed the jokes. I think John will be quite Okay, but it hasn't been much fun for him. Take care my friend,
Love, Merle. Peace to you also.

DUTA said...

Your senior prom dress is beautiful! I like the fabric, the design and the color of it. I can imagine you looking ravishing in this outfit.
I'm sorry for your coffee pot. May you have not worse things than that happening in your life!

Lady Di Tn said...

I think I may buy a cheap coffeepot just to have on hand for such emergencies. People who do not love that first sip each morning have no idea. This morning our newspaper had an article on the health benefits of "Coffee". Thanks I love the dress and felt like a princess in it. Yeah for me about guessing correctly. Peace

Do you drink tea? How in the world do you get your engine running in the mornings without coffee? It is rather funny how our children forget we were once someone other than their Mother. Glad to hear John will be okay. Peace

Mother made all our clothes and I was really a well dress young lady in all my home spun duds. At the time I yearned for store bought clothes and Now I wish I had some with the quality and good fit that Mother's clothes were.
It was not only a sad affair about the coffee pot but I did not get perked up until late in the afternoon. I think I would give up any food or beverage before I would give up coffee. To me it is like listening to your favorite song before you start the day. Peace

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

Honestly, I do not know what has gotten into the weather here this year. You are hot. We are wet and hot and humid. It makes everything grow but not the hair on my chest. It is still 10 hairs on a good day.

Lady Di Tn said...

You are right about the weather as it seems unusual in lots of places. Thanks for making me lol about the chest hairs. Peace