Monday, June 21, 2010

In the visitor center where you get your tickets.
The girls have gone ahead of me as I lag back to take photos. This is the entrance to the exhibit.

This photo and the next are on each side of the entrance.

All you can say about this is WOW.

Down the hill and to the right of Wow.

This and the next two photos are closer views.

I turned around and looked up the hill at Wow before heading on down the path. Oops the girls are way ahead of me now.

You can see the ponds below in this photo.

The sky echoed the beauty of this shot looking up the hill.

Ah, the girls are just ahead now. I must hurry to catch them.

Did not catch up with them as this was at the end of the covered walkway.

I got down on my knees and took this shot looking upward. I would have liked to have laid down for a photo, but who would have helped me up?
The kitty justice is we have just started our tour of Chihuly.
Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge.


Small City Scenes said...

Oh I love all this glass stuff. As you said WOW!!! I like the blue and green fountain looking one and then again I like them all. I would like a few of the orangy squiggly ones down by the pond. It looks like you all had a fun time.

The Pilchuck that Chihuly started back in the 70s is back in the wood down the road from my place. Very interesting place.

School is out here June 18th and it always starts the day after Labor day. School has to be open 180 days and it seems they have several days off during the year and then they had to make up for 2 snow days so that is why it is so late. I remember always getting out the first week in June---but I am old.
I got the goats on the stand but they won't hold still so I can take a picture. haha
Happy first day of Summer. I hope we get some sun soon.


Small City Scenes said...

That is supposed to be the Pilchuck School of Glass Chihuly started. My mind goes faster than my fingers. LOL MB

LZ Blogger said...

I love those red/orange structures. I assume they are glass? ~ jb///

Lady Di Tn said...

Very interesting about the school. Lol about the little goats not standing still. It has been summer weather wise for 2 whole weeks. We have been in the high nineties with a heat index in the hundreds for all this time so summer came earlier than the calendar predicted. Interesting facts about the school year in your area. Peace

Yes, they are all glass and a group of workers came with truck loads of glass in special boxes with extra pieces just in case some got broken. As, luck would have it, one pc. was broken so I guess it was lucky they had extra pieces. Peace