Thursday, June 24, 2010

One of the golf carts came along and gave us a ride up the hill to the house. Ah, it was nice and cool inside. This was looking out the window at the Sun exhibit.

This photo and the next two were some of the Chihuly inside exhibits.

This chandelier and the next two were at eye level through windows upstairs. They plus another were made for the Swan Ball. Only the whose who attend this charity ball. The gowns are always fun to see in the society pages of the news papers.

Peaches going down the spiral staircase with the very long white chandelier hanging down the middle.

Peaches and Knoxie headed down the stairs and I was trying to get the entire chandelier in the photo.

Gave up and got the bottom as I was walking down the stairs.

I stopped and looked up and found the perfect shot .

I was standing underneath the long chandelier. I heard that these four chandeliers were gonna stay after the exhibit closes.

Note the windows on the upper left that I took the eye level photos from. The chairs and tables are left overs from the Swan Ball.

Outside again and the golf cart is no where in sight so since it was down hill we decided to hoof it.

Walking down the hill, I looked back at the "Sun".
While we were inside the house, we saw the American Impressionists in the Garden exhibit. Also, in one dark room , we check out the Matilda Geddings Gray collection of Faberge'. The objects are in glass cases with spot lights to enhance their beauty. There was a guard in the gallery making sure no photos were taken by those of us with cameras and a guard in the dark room to make sure no object was taken.
The kitty justice is I would probably fall asleep if I had either of those guard jobs.
Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge.


DUTA said...

Superb Chihuli exhibits! And you , Kitty Justice, are the best photographer among the bloggers I follow. I mean it as a compliment.

Anonymous said...

Quite beautiful.

Small City Scenes said...

Amazing the artistry these glass blowers have. I love that ole sun. MB

Changes in the wind said...

The shots of the chandeliers are exquisite!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you as I am only an amatur photographer. Click on Abe's blogs to see real professional photos. I aspire to grow up to be like Abe in the photo part of my life. One more day of Chihuly. Peace

Thanks and Peace.

I agree as it is truly amazing and then to place them in areas to best enhance their shapes. Peace

I agree and they will get to keep those which is wonderful. Peace